Terribly Funny

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Recently, Jay Jardine wrote about the “most hysterical” comment thread ever – linking to one at SDA.

I dunno – I think this one is even more hysterical (well, be sure to read the comments in the posts being linked to over there, too). Hilarious and hysterical to see all the generalizations, arguments, discussions about Islam, Judaism, and various brands of Christianity.

It’s kind of like the Art Bell talk radio show. Weird and fascinating – and yes – very popular too! Kate must feel very safe in numbers.

Interesting to see what Edwina Taborskey has to say about religion (although on issues of Israel, she seems quite sane) in regard to logic and “belief.” Edwina Taborskey at one time was adamant that me addressing her as Ms Edwina Taborskey was rude when she wanted to be addressed “ET.” But she refused to address me as “UpMyKilt” after I requested her to do so, which then got me banned from commenting on SDA.

For context, also view the comments that are linked to in the above SDA post. That is, if you have an hour to burn.

I have a few questions for many of the commenters there of all stripes – but to those who adamantly suggest that Jews have some “right” to the present land of Israel, “Do I, as a member of the Lost Tribes of the Kingdom Of Israel, then have the same right, based on the fact that it is my tradition, backed by some historical acceptance by some authorities, including the Church of Rome and the Kings of Scotland, have a right to settle in Israel and claim some land for myself?”

Tell ya what – I’ll settle for lands in the traditional Kingdom Of Israel. Oh, and the Old Testament agrees with my understanding of this, too (as do some Christian and Orthodox Jewish Eschatology – although Orthodox Jews will not agree at all with the end results of some Christian Eschatology prophetic conclusions).

Yes, SDA IS popular. Just like Art Bell’s radio show was.

Hey – did you know that the Palestinian Land presently now under the auspices of the “State” of Israel was purchased from Turks, by Jews?

I wonder if the British knew that when they were administering the area and some of them were being blown up by terrorists.

It’s funny to me – some idiots seem to think there is some world-wide conspiracy BY Jews against the rest of the world. Then there are some who seem to think there is some world-wide conspiracy against Jews.

May I say that both view points are laughable?

May I say that there is both a Jewish and World-Wide conspiracy against the Lost Tribes of Israel, so longed for as far as reunification in both Judaism and Christianity?

Art Bell, look out! SDA is taking over the ratings! And sadly, I’m banned and can’t posit my evidence for my own conspiracy theories and falsehoods and the lies that the rest of the world is telling about the Lost Tribes.

My traditions combined with the historical acceptance by authorities that my ancestors followed Moses through the Sea, and were part of “God’s Chosen People” is enough for me to make my claim on some quarter inch strip of what is now Israel. And I’ll be honest and fair, and just take the part that was the Kingdom of Israel that used to defend itself against the Kingdom of Judah.

You listening, Art?

And where is God? Why has He not Unified us all again?

3 thoughts on “Terribly Funny”

  1. Have you been to John Murney’s blog recently? I seem to be banned from commenting, though I did not receive a reason for it.

    The is always plenty of… errr… critical thinking going on in his comment section as well.

  2. Murney banned me from his blog sometime ago after I pointed out some inconsistencies in logic and premises in regard to his idea of libertarianism. It was odd. I didn’t even use what some refer to as “foul” language. I didn’t use any big words that he shouldn’t have been able to understand either. Merely pointed to reality, and that got me banned.

    I could get “around” the ban as my IP has changed – but I’ll respect his wishes I not comment over there.

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