Air Conditioning In October

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Not sure if this is a first for me or not – but had to turn the A/C on in the house early this evening. At one point today, my automobile outdoor thermometer registered 35C outside!

Last year, the weather in October was much cooler with snow by this time north of Orangeville. Today, the humidity was unbearable.

Global warming? Maybe. I dunno.

What I am really concerned about is the drought Southern Ontario has gone through since the Spring. I drove past Guelph Lake today and was stunned by the low water level and the area of what used to be covered by water now just appearing as some wasteland of rocks and mud. Island Lake here in Orangeville has also suffered from the drought with areas of what used to be blue lake, now brown ground.

I haven’t been passed Lake Bellwood, but was told that it has really suffered this year.

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