Spc. Jeremy Hinzman

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Many on the left will disagree with me. I say, send him back. Probably not for the same reasons other would argue to send him back.

For those not familiar, Hinzman was a paratrooper with the US Army. He fled to Canada in order to avoid going to war in Iraq. The reasons for not sending him back seem absurd to me. The biggest “reason” for supporting Hinzman’s refugee status in Canada is the “illegality” of the war against Iraq, waged by the United States.

The problem with the term “legal” or “illegal” as far as war goes, is that it means nothing really. What war is “legal?” Legal based on what, exactly? Can anyone name any war in history that was “legal?” To who’s definition of “legal?”

In some countries, slavery is still “legal.” In the Netherlands, you can smoke pot and not go to jail. In Canada, if some cop is having a bad day, he can create a lot of problems for you, and perhaps his actions will result in you going to jail if you smoke pot.

Is smoking pot “legal,” just because one UN signatory decides that it’s ok, while many of the others do not support the decriminalization of pot?

Forget about pot for a moment. We’re talking about a principle here. And the fact is, that in history, many countries have gone to war against each other. Sometimes, it is a matter of defence. Other times, it is a matter of offence, when someone who has power in that country, convinces others that another country is doing things against the interests of the home country.

In order to defend interests and intrusions, governments have armies, navies, and air forces. In some countries, it is legal to draft men into these military units. For a few decades, the US military has all been volunteer.

When one signs up for service, they sign a contract. It’s not much different than a hockey player, who might sign a contract for a hockey team, and earn an agreed to amount of money, receive some benefits, and in return, provide services for the agreed to payment. Hockey players don’t exactly risk death, generally speaking (although that risk is there), but they do risk injury, they risk banging themselves up, and they also risk that they might have to go into some city, and play against a team that the signed player doesn’t really want to play against.

But you can’t just desert your team after you’ve signed a contract. Doing so means repercussions for you.

Jeremy Hinzman signed a contract. He signed it of his own free will, and I’m sure knew much about the US’s attitude militarily speaking, against other nations. I’m sure he read some news, and knew about Clinton ordering bombing raids against parts of Iraq, and raids against parts of Eastern Europe. I’m sure Hinzman must have known there was a possibility of combat that he might have to engage in.

When you sign deals with the devil, you can’t simply just walk away from them, especially when you know the devil you serve might use you, and the job you are agreeing to is to learn how to serve the devil, and do the devil’s bidding. You might hope in advance that you’ll get all the benefits of the contract, the ability to go four years with some awesome physical training, skills, all paid by taxpayers who have supported and democratically elected the devil you are signing the contract with.

When you sign all your rights over to the devil for four years, well, it’s no different than signing all your rights over to the arch angel for four years either. You do their bidding, and they in return provide you with benefits you want.

Hinzman signed a deal with the devil. He was not coerced into signing, as far as we can tell. There does not seem to be any information indicating that anyone forced him to sign up with the army. He did it of his own free will. But when the oven gets hot, all of a sudden, Hinzman wants to flee, and claim refugee status in some other country.

Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me.

As I’ve said a number of times here, I’m no supporter of George Bush, or the war in Iraq. But I do think that the lefties that are trying to garner support for Hinzman are out to lunch as well, in their reasoning.

You sign a deal with the devil for four years, you do the devil’s bidding. You know what the consequences might be, of signing such a deal, and you know that you might be sent to places you don’t like or don’t want to be sent to. If there is that possibility, you either try to modify the terms of the agreement, or you go elsewhere.

If Hinzman was drafted and FORCED into military service, I would have a much different point of view. But there is no evidence Hinzman was forced into anything.

Just because the United Nations did not support the war, does not make the war “illegal.” If Hinzman had previously signed some contract with the United Nations, declaring his total and utmost loyalty to the United Nations, perhaps he might have a case as well. But Hinzman did not do that. He declared his loyalty to some entity and it’s government, known as the United States of America. Hinzman has had some benefit from the contract he signed, and now, his contractual obligations must be fulfilled. He swore his allegiance to the entity of the USA, and the Chief of that entity. By doing so, he must fulfill his obligations.

By not doing so, Hinzman is simply a dishonest human being. Hinzman should not be a centerpiece for Canadians that are against the war. Instead, Canadians should be demanding that contracts when voluntarily signed, and knowing the risks of signing them, should be fulfilled.

Those anti-war folk would demand nothing less when it came to contracts they might sign. I would have far more sympathy for Hinzman if he was drafted and forced to “serve.” But that is not the case with Hinzman.

So Mr. Hinzman, go fulfill your contract. Take the risk that comes along with any contract that you will ever sign in you life, whether it is a contract with your bank for a mortgage, a contract to provide services for a period of time, or whatever. When you joined the military, you did not swear allegiance to the United Nations. You swore allegiance to the United States of America, which is governed by democratically elected officials. And even John Kerry supported the war on Iraq when it first started.

I truly hope you will be sent back home, to fullfill your contract that you voluntarily agreed to, or face the consequences of not fulfilling it.

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  1. he won’t be back! And if America is the devil obliging those to follow an inextricable contract like street gangs than thank god at least canada believes in free will and the freedom to disagree with the status quo. Because after all America never lies! who sold their soul?!!?! Keep drinking the cool aid!

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