Small Town Excitement!!

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So, I’m sitting here working when I find out there are a bunch of Orangeville Police officers in the parking lot and next building over. Being the curious sort that I am, I walk out the office door, only to be waved back inside by one of the boys in blue.. errr.. they wear black now.

Seems some drunk guy got into a dispute with his girlfriend and pulled a pistol on her and began firing. At least that’s what some folks claimed. In Orangeville, of all places.

After about two minutes of watching the drama unfold (it was quite boring to be honest with you.. watching the rear ends of cops that are hiding behind corners isn’t the most exciting thing in the world), a few police officers ran over to the front of the building beside mine, which was out of view to me.

Next I see a handcuffed male (I didn’t manage to get a look at his face) being put into the rear of a police cruiser. I walked over towards a group of police officers in front of the building and it appeared that one of them had siezed a pistol.

Boy oh boy. You know, there ought to be a law in Canada against firing guns at your girlfriend. And maybe even a law that makes pistols illegal. A law would just stop this sort of thing, don’t you think?

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