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Yes, in the tradition of the Red Ensign bloggers, as well as the Canadian bloggers (whatever happened to that group anyhow?) it’s time to fly the “Back Off Government” standard.

View the standard.. and then read on:

this land is our land government back off

At this point in time, there are two blogs displaying the “Back Off Government” motto. Which is fine by me. Sometimes, democracy is not always the best thing in the world. But we don’t care about democracy, per se. What we care about is the ability of others to tell us what is moral, right, acceptable, or not.

And in that sense, we respect all individuals, regardless of your values. We just don’t want you to impose them on us.

With that in mind, the first “BACK OFF GOVERNMENT” hoisting. And although we don’t expect or request others to display the “Back Off Government” ensign, we will point to others who post or write posts that support our aims and goals.

And we strongly believe in Government Backing Off. The Government has no business in any of our business. None of our business. All our business is conducted by free choice. We do not need a Nanny to overlook our lives, and in fact, we resent it, and are insulted by it.

So to get on with the first raising of the “Back Off Government”:

The London Fog. a “proud” member of the Back Off Government blogroll reports that at a recent event in London, an “academic” in this proud province recommends the licencing for parenthood. A suggestion that ranks right up there with Hitler’s version of socialism.

And while we’re at it, The London Fog also reports that do gooders… those socialist folk that want to control your children, are now requiring that they decide what food your children eat. No snack foods that you yourself might buy at the grocery store.. while you watch some great movie with your kids.. no… it should be banned from schools, according to our Government do gooders.

Ah, all the less responsibility you have to bare, should you bring children into this world.

And although he’s not flying the “Back Off Government” message on his website, Jay Jardine has an awesome article on how the Government is going to spend your tax dollars to stop you from spending your own money on health tests which just might help you extend your life on planet earth. He asks, “Lethal force. Yes or no?” Recommended reading for sure.

And the Minister of Health will show up personally, apparently, to stop you from spending money on what you value. It’s wonderful how the Goverment will spend tax dollars expropriated from you, to stop you from spending money you want to spend, on your own health care huh?

But oxymorons are the stuff intrusive Goverments are made of.

And of course, we can’t end this without pointing out the heroics of the Lanark Landowners Associaton, and their brave resolve to say, “Back Off Government – This is OUR Land”

Now it’s up to you. Want a licence for everything you do in life, including how you copulate amd with whom you copulate and create new life? Tell the Government to back off.

The next raising of the “Back Off Government” banner will be raised by The London Fog, date to be anounced.

We won’t stand for Government nannyism. In any degree.

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  1. LANARK LANDOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (L.L.A) FOUNDING DECLARATION The L.L.A is an association of concerned Lanark county citizens, dedicated to defending and fighting for the rights and interests of private landowners, and their property. Using taxpayer’s dollars, our government’s support and promote Quebec, Native, Arts, Homosexual, Urban, and Multi cultures. However when it comes to the independent, peaceful rural culture in Canada, government support is stifling, suffocating and controlling. Using regulations and legislation, governments have confused the right of private property with the public’s privilege, and promote collective responsibility over private individuals. Governments have overstepped their mandate and crossed the line from good government, and into the private lives of citizens. People’s rights to their property and lands are trampled on by government’s with: * Urban property standards for rural lands and farms * Aggregate buffer zones that devalue property * Nutrient management plans that cost the farm * High legal costs to defend against unfair enforcement * Nuisance wildlife introductions and mismanagement that destroy crops and property * Absurd zoning restrictions that prevent building and improvements * Government bureaucrats on our land without cause, notice or warrant * Destruction and loss of our firearms and lifestyle * Mineral rights that strip away land rights and privacy. * Municipal amalgamation that removes local representation All governments disguise their culture of control with the phrase ‘for the common good,” but the consequence is harm and injury to the individual. Using legislation, federal and provincial bribery, the municipal plan, public apathy, and the criminal code; government’s overwhelm private landowners with the weight of red tape, the hand of extortion and bribery, and the threat of jail to coerce honest citizens into accepting injustice against ourselves and our neighbours. The united members of the L.L.A. will send a clear-blunt message to all municipal, county, provincial and federal bureaucracies, that laws and regulations which restrict or abridge our freedoms of private property are unjust and will be severely resisted. Injustice against law abiding rural people will be met with powerful non-compliance, direct action and judicial means. The united members have a moral obligation to protect our culture, traditions, and liberty for themselves, their neighbours and future generations- And will. The LLA reminds everyone that for hundreds of years private landowners have been the best custodians of the land and country, without interference, mismanagement or control by government. And that Justice is not achieved through legislation, only through mutual respect. Freedom is not achieved with over-regulation, but only breeds elitism and privilege. Common sense is not found in the far removed bureaucracies, but on the farms, lands and in the homes of common people. And Individual liberty is the first casualty in every society where collective security thrives. Government’s must surrender their unjust advances and retreat from people’s lives, property and privacy. The LLA will clear the path and show them the way. “THIS LAND IS OUR LAND – BACK OFF GOVERNMENT.” http://www.marmora.org/liberty Randy Hillier, President Merle Bowes Brian Hanna, John Vanderspank Ken Barr

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