Property Rights In Canada

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Andrew Coyne published a copy of Garry Breitkreuz’s article on property rights in Canada, or the lack of such rights which appeared in the Montreal Gazette on February 2, 2004.

Some recent court decisions apparently note that Canadians should not expect protection of property, because it’s not a guaranteed right in the Charter of Rights And Freedoms. According to Breitkreuz, “This ruling follows a growing list of lower court rulings focused on the newer Charter’s omission of property rights. In 1999, to cite just one example, the Manitoba Court of Appeal noted that “the right to ‘enjoyment of property’ is not a constitutionally protected, fundamental part of Canadian society.”

Will Canadians ever wake up?

Andrew doesn’t really comment about Canada’s lack of property rights – but says, “Doesn’t seem like we’re hearing much on this subject from your soon-to-be-elected leader these days…” referring to Stephen Harper.

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