Passion Flower Of Exarchos

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flower of the passion vine near exarchos, greece

A quick post with a photo I took of a passion flower – went for a hike along a “back road” near Exarchos in August. While walking along, I came upon a hedge bordering someone’s house property and the road, that included grape vines and what I later discovered, passion vines. In Greece, this is sometimes referred to as “The Clock Plant.”

I had no idea what the flowers were, but they looked beautiful. They were quite large, and I had never seen a flower like it before. I wish I had a camera lens more suited for photographing flowers close up, but for now, my Nikon 18-105 zoom lens will have to do. I’m not sure if there is even a macro setting on the camera as I’m still figuring out the D7000 that was given to me last year.

I took several photos; the one above turned out the best. Later, I investigated to try to find out what the flower was and learned that it was what is commonly called, “Passion Flower.” The name comes from the fact that some varieties of this plant have flowers that some have seen “symbolism” of the “passion of Christ” in the flower, including such things as three stigma representing three nails, the ten disciples (Peter The Denier And Judas The Betrayer being subtracted from the original 12) of Jesus represented as the five petals and sepals, the outer fringe representing the “crown of thorns,” and other parts representing other things.

Apparently, this flower could eventually become the “passion fruit” – although some varieties are not very tasty. I don’t know if this particular one produces fruit that would be desirable. I just thought the flower was beautiful.

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