My Brother’s Ass (Or, The Ass On The Farm)

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ian scott riding donkey in clones, co. monaghan
Ian Scott Riding An Ass, Clones Co. Monaghan 1970

Here in Greece, out in the country side rural areas, donkeys are not uncommon. In Northern Ireland when I was a child, there were quite common as well. I’m not sure if the donkey above was an ass (male donkey) or the female “jennie,” but nevertheless, asses were pretty common.

As I wrote about my memories of living on the farm in Concord, ON, I recalled many of the animals we cared for and had including chickens, a pony, a goat, some ducks, and dogs. I didn’t incorporate all of those animals into the post – I didn’t want to bore the readers about how we would collect eggs from hens, feed them, keep them warm in the winter with a heat lamp in the chicken coop, or all the other mundane chores that we did.

We did have the pony and the goat, both of which I remember well. Then I started to wonder, did we ever also have an ass or a donkey??

I have many memories of asses – donkeys I mean, of course! But they were in Northern Ireland to the best of my recollection.

But then I thought about my brother, Andrew. I guess he could be an ass at times…. and there it was.

Yes, we had an ass on the farm. It was my brother’s ass.

andrew's ass
Circa 1970. Ass Of Andrew Gordon McDowell Scott. Now You’ve Seen It.

Now you’ve seen it. He ummm… apparently had no manners or any sense of modesty at that age.

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