Athens Greece, Dropkick Murphys, & A Boston Named Beans

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my boston terrier named beans

That’s Beans – in a moment I’ll tell you why he is looking at me with that expression on his face.

This is the Drop Kick Murphys and one of my favourite songs, “A Rose Tatoo”:

And this of course, is the flag of Greece, of which Athens (or Athena as it’s called elsewhere) is the capital:

flag of greece

What does any of this have in common? Well, I’m Irish (or Northern Irish as some of us folk say that we were born in the North), Beans is a Boston Terrier, the Drop Kick Murphys are an “Irish” punk band from Boston, and we’re all heading to Athens, Greece! (I hope).

Well, hopefully all of us. That’s why Beans was looking at me oddly some hours ago.

While I presently live in Ontario, Canada, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Greece the past two years with a very special lady (who has also spent a lot of time with me, here in Ontario). Sadly for both Beans and I, our lady returned to Athens earlier this month after spoiling the pair of us for five months. We both miss her. A lot. I’m not sure who got the most spoiling, Beans or me…. but we sure both miss all the spoiling, love, and attention.

Last week, I decided that I needed my “mwro mou” as soon as possible, and booked a flight to Athens for later in May. I had no clue what I would do with Beans; in the past one of my sons has agreed to hang out at my house and look after Beans when I’m in Greece, but now, he is a very busy lad with a job that requires almost full time hours at work as well as being enrolled in University. I don’t really want to ask him if he’ll stay here. So, I started researching the idea of taking Beans with me. I thought at first, that it would be impossible but it seems it is not. It’s just that there are a whole lot of processes and some paper work to fill out, along with ensuring that he’s micro-chipped (he was not) and the correct timing for rabies shot.

After I told my “agape mou” that I had booked a flight, coincidentally she heard a radio commercial on an Athens radio station that the Dropkick Murphys would be in Greece during my time there! As soon as she told me, I said, “We are going!” Now, I’ve been a big fan of this band for many years but have never seen them in North America – how crazy is it that this Irish punk band will be in Athens, Greece (at the Gazi Music Hall) while I am there?

Imagine going all the way to Athens, Greece from Orangeville, ON to see the Dropkick Murphys?

We purchased tickets for the gig, and after some time, “mwro mou” said, “Hmmm. You seem more excited about seeing the band than you are about seeing me.”

“No me darlin’ – I’m excited about it all and the irony of seeing them in Athens with you is kind of amazing!” Of course, I’m excited about seeing the band, it just makes it more special to be seeing them in Athens, Greece, when I’ll be there!

Now, let’s talk about Beans. He is a Boston Terrier, but he’s cheeky like an Irishman, saucy like the “Saucy Scotts,” and he is bilingual, responding to some commands in Greek. He’s also listened himself to a lot of Boston’s Dropkick Murphys music. He’s been forced to!

I am pulling out all the stops to make sure Beans can travel with me to Athens – not sure that he will also accompany “mwro mou” and me to the Dropkick Murphys in Athens, but nevertheless, it’s a fun and great project plan. That’s why Beans was looking at me like that, in the photo.

Getting Beans to Greece is going to require some time, some effort, and some bravery (Beans has shown some bravery on his own). I took Beans to the vet, with the idea of the possibility of taking him to Greece…. and that Vet put the poor wee dog through EVERYTHING – I have owned many dogs in the past, but never seen one examined by a vet that decided to a prostate examination…. along with all the other uncomfortable things going on. But Beans The Boston was an Irish (Scot/Irish? Celtic?) trooper… looking at me with eyes saying, “Why am I feeling this?” but at the same time, trusting what was going on. In the end, the Vet said that he was a very special dog and his temperament and attitude was simply amazing.

An Irish man with his Greek love, and their Boston dog with Irish cheek, courage and charm, at the same time as the Boston band with Irish charm, courage and cheek…. 😀

In Athens, Greece. How amazing is that? I’ll tell you how amazing it is, with this:

Amazing Grace Indeed!

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