Litigation And Justice

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I love the word, and how it sounds, rolling off my tongue: Litigation. For those meditators of us ou there, forget “Ommmm.” Say, “litigation” over and over.

Especially when you know you are right. And have always been above board, despite what the law says.

Yes. “Litigation. Litigation.”

It’s such a wonderful game. I should have been a lawyer. I so love the nuances, the tactical strategies, and the next meditative word to focus on is this: “Remedies. Remedies.”

Say it over and over. Close your eyes, and enter the delta state of consciousness. “Remedies.”

It’s such a soothing word to focus on. “Remedies.”

It’s such a libertarian word.

Ahhhh…”remedies… litigation… remedies…”

I must admit that my favorite words of all are “reconciliation” and “mediation,” but they’ve probably been hi-jacked like the Red Ensign has been hi-jacked by supposed hate groups as well as so called equal rights groups.

So for now, we’ll meditate on “litigation.” And of course, “justice.” Now there’s another good word! “Justice!”

Anyone able to define exactly what “justice” is? Socrates and Plato had a hard time with that one. Something to do with ‘planes’ or something or other.

Yes, what exactly is “justice?” If you can define it non-emotionally, I’d love to hear a definition of what exactly “justice” is. Is it something that “is?” I once took a college course on “The Philosophy of Justice” but it was so much mumbo jumbo, and the premises were all out to lunch.. heck.. I never learned a thing except that there is no real conception of that which is “just.”

Had a great conversation with Paul McKeevor the other day. Just to change the subject slightly. I like Paul. I wish Paul would write more as he is an awesome writer, and presents the views I’d agree with in such a way that I wish I could do the same.

I’m off to bed. But, I’m trying to define justice as it relates to agreements. Unfortunately, we have the issue of semantics, which includes the meanings and understanding of “words.” Agreements, if you will. Whether they are written or are oral. And of course, in context, what did the mean, regardless of oral or written?

Ah, life is so much fun. Lawyers make it even more fun. Do you have a smart lawyer, or a less than smart lawyer, and how does that relate to the concept of “justice?”

Are the smarter lawyers more “just” than the less than smart “lawyers?”

Is it about smarts, or tactics, or intuition, or is there really somehow deep down, some concept of true justice that prevails?

All I know is that this is the only life I have. It ain’t a dress rehearsal for something else. I give those I deal with the benefit of the doubt, and can hope they do the same with me, regardless or oral or written agreements. It comes down to more the principle of what each could be reasonably expecting. The character of both, I guess. Who’d do business with each other, under the same circumstances.

And there is history as well, to consider.

Unfortunately, we learn very little about justice from the game of Chess, and yet most of our maneouverings and posturing is very much like the game of Chess. It has nothing to do with justice, but who can get the Check Mate first.

But that’s what law has done to justice. Justice is nothing more than a huge game of Chess, and the best strategist wins.

It’s got nothing to do with justice. Or fair dealing.

So now it comes down to litigation. May the person with the most efficient lawyer as far as money goes, win. The lawyer that understands the intricacies of the law.. law that has been created, regardless of justice, as justice has never been defined.

I don’t expect to lose this battle. But who knows?

I do expect however, to win the long term war. My goals and expectations are very selfish. The more selfish I am, the more chance I have of winning the long term war. And I’ve got a lot to be selfish about .. my four sons, my lovely ex-wife, my awesome business partner, my clients who have stuck by me, and the good of all concerned. I am VERY selfish about ALL of that.

In the meantime, I’m now in a wonderful location, just down the road, with an awesome landlady, and in an office that is far superior what I had before.

But yes, I’ve also lost as well, based on my interpretation of justice and word, and honour. And it’s not all done yet. I guess the winner of “justice” will by by a coin toss, depending on the particular judge that day, the lawyer’s moods in court, and who knows what else.. a chess game.

Justice is nothing more than a game of chess, my friends.

Think and meditate upon that for a while, before you go to sleep. Justice simply goes to he/she who wins the game of Chess. And that’s exactly what we have in Canada.

Oh, but I’m still looking forward to the litigation though 🙂

Don’t forget to meditate. “Litigation.” “Justice.” “Litigate.” “Just.” Over and over.

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