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While working on the upcoming office and personal residence move, I’m still too busy to blog. So today, I will leave you with this, from the pen of Randy Hillier:

Stop the Destruction Convoy

On January 3, 2005 the united rural landowners of Ontario delivered a plea for justice to your offices. As with all our previous pleas and requests the only response has been silence. Historically your government responds only to civil disobedience and is deaf and mute to requests for justice. January 14 is the deadline for your response and timeline to enact our solutions.

As the deadline approaches rural people from across Ontario are prepared and ready to begin “Stop the Destruction” convoy and road closures. The first step is a full closure of Highway 401 near Tillsonburg on January 21. Each following Friday the “stop the Destruction ” convoy will close up and blockade provincial and international border crossings into Ontario, and further 400 series highways.

The tyranny of the present Ontario government is clearly evident to those who shoulder the arbitrary burden of excessive government legislation and over-regulation-Rural Ontario. Through incompetence and ignorance, cowardly government bureaucrats and inept politicians abridge our freedom to choose, and deny people the opportunity to earn a living. The evidence reveals the hidden government agenda to culturally cleanse rural Ontario of farmers and private landowners. And create an environment for intensive farm and Trans – national corporations to thrive and prosper in our place.

Rural people have a moral obligation to protect and defend our heritage, culture, lifestyle and property from government imposed injustice-And will! McGuinty you will stop the destruction of the rural economy and culture by February 28, 2005 or our mass convoys of farm tractors, vehicles, implements, and rural people will enter Queens Park on March 9 and reclaim our democracy.

Rural people demand legislation “to protect the use, ownership, enjoyment, and the right to earn a living from our private property” be passed and enshrined in Canada’s constitution. This right can only be abridged for the betterment of society, with fair, just, and timely compensation.

  • The Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act will be amended so farmers have the legal right to defend against wildlife damage.
  • The proposed greenbelt legislation legalizes the theft of 1.8 million acres of private land. It must be withdrawn or include “landowners shall receive fair and timely compensation for the loss of use and enjoyment of private land.
  • Your war on Ontario tobacco farmers and consumers through high taxation and smoking bans destroys our most basic freedom “choice” and destroys the marketplace. Unjust government policies will be withdrawn or a full and immediate buyout of tobacco farmer’s quota is required.
  • The Environmental protection act is deceptively used to close down small rural sawmills. This act will be amended to insure reverse onus is not possible. Full compensation to the sawmills you have arbitrarily closed shall be awarded.
  • The MNR has tabled legislation to slaughter Deer and Elk farmers and criminalise the hunting of farm raised wildlife in hunting preserves. This legislation will be withdrawn, or full and timely compensation for inventory and business revenue loss awarded.
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act destroys all rural business and must be withdrawn or amended to include full government funding for compliance.
  • The closure of 100 Ontario Abattoirs has magnified the BSE crisis and caused the bankruptcy of cattle farmers. The Ontario government will harmonize our, meat inspection regulations to allow the free movement of processed meat between provincial jurisdictions.
  • The Nutrient Management Act will be withdrawn or include a full funding for compliance.
  • The Ontario Cream Producers have been denied a lawful marketplace as government encourages intensification of the dairy industry. Remove the bureaucratic wrangling that handcuffs buyers and sellers.
  • Municipal amalgamation swallows the rural voice into the urban fold and further diminishes democracy. The McGuinty government has refused to adhere to referendums and the democratic will of rural people. Respect and honour democracy.
  • MNR continues to place land use designations, ANSI’s, and buffer zones that deprive people of their property rights. The municipal act and MNR practices must be changed stop the theft of private property. 

    The united landowners request an immediate meeting with senior members of the cabinet.

    Randy Hillier
    President, Lanark Landowners Association
    Tel 613-267-6661
    Tel 613-257-7968
    Fax 613-259-2741

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