Let The Bible Speak – On Narcotics

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I bet most of you never knew that there were references to a narcotic in the Bible, did you?

In one part of the Bible, this narcotic is used to trade for sex. Interestingly, it would appear that God blessed this trade.

In another part of the Bible, a reference is made to this narcotic in a very romantic sort of way.

I’ll have more on this later – but I’ll give you a hint. There is a distribution of Linux that uses the name of this plant that is a narcotic. Now, for the very curious among us, following our “Let The Bible Speak” episodes, this shouldn’t be very difficult at all to figure out.

But can you point to the trade of sex? Think of a Biblical family that might remind you of the “Trailer Park Boys.”

25 thoughts on “Let The Bible Speak – On Narcotics”

  1. Still no criticism of Rastafarians, Muslims, or Sikhs, just more proof that Ianism is an anti-Catholic hating little pussy who is too skeeeeeeered to criticize less peaceful religions. What a hateful little coward.

    1. Gee, Anon…I’m surprised at you. Surely you know that the Bible is one of the holy books of Islam, and that Ian’s comments on the Bible are directed in equal measure towards Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

      I’m astonished that a scholar of your erudition and deep, DEEP spiritual insight missed that.

      That’s [email protected].

  2. Only one narcotic? I thought of three of them off the top of my head:

    saffron (Song of Songs 4:14) http://homecooking.about.com/library/weekly/aa011298.htm

    calamus (Song of Songs 4:14) http://nepenthes.lycaeum.org/Plants/Acorus/calamus.html

    mandrake (Song of Songs 7:13) http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/m/mandra10.html

    And I’m no Biblical scholar.

    Given that you’re looking to link it to Linux, though, I’ll bet you’re thinking of mandrake.

    Who is/are the Trailer Park Boys? If this is a TV reference, I won’t get it — I don’t watch TV.

  3. Notice how this babulican chap cannot stop following me from thread to thread; more proof he’s beyond obsessed with me. I’ll bet he’s the bottom in the stageleft-babs relationship, and is likely a masochist 😉

    I find it quite easy to ignore you, old chap, except when you are being your usual stupid self when I’m trying to have a conversation with my good friend Ian.

    You’re not a very popular “man” in the blogsphere precisely for this reason.

    Your argument is spurrious to a childish degree and I’d prefer

    1. So…you WEREN’T aware that Muslims recognize the Bible as a holy book too?

      Gee. Ian, this raises the possibility that he may not know that Rastafarians do too.

      Did you know that, A? Yes, of course you did.

      Still waiting for your real name and email address so we can have our little get together. That’s [email protected].

      1. Didn’t ask for your email, pussy, I asked you to shut the fuck up or be a man and say it to my face. You’ve done neither,

        …pussy 😉

        (For Ian’s 12 remaining readers who might be curious why this babs chap is obsessed with me, I made fun of him once months ago and he’s been bitter ever since.)

  4. (And for those commenters who can’t seem to remember what comments they left here less than 24 hours ago:

    Anonalogue said: “Are you in Ottawa right now? Where?”

    Bablulican said: “Would you like to borrow a Bible?”

    Anonalogue said: “No, I think we’ve established you’re a dick in need of an attitude adjustment and I was wondering if wanted to go, now or in the future, at one of Ottawa’s many dojos. I didn’t go looking to destroy evil today but if you keeps tapping me on the shoulder then step into the ring. Consider this a formal request to defend your honour.”

    Balbulican said: “Please provide your real name and e-mail address. You can contact me at [email protected].”

    Anonalogue said: “Wow, what a surprise Not the first time you’ve backed down, pussy, and I suspect unless I speak to your ISP about the harrassment which you don’t deny it won’t be the last. I didn’t ask for your email, bitch, I asked you to shut the fuck up or be a man and say it to my face. What breathtaking stupidity to publicly keep harrassing someone – particularly a younger, stronger man – after repeatedly being asked to stop.”

    Balbulican said: “I’ll be happy to arrange a meeting. Please provide your real name and email address. You can contact me at [email protected].”

    All of which can be checked and double-checked here:


    And then Anonalogue went home and we didn’t hear from him again until now.

    Any questions, Anonalogue?

  5. Oh dear, it looks like I’ve got another stalker. Not an especially bright one, I might add. I guess one of the hazards of making fun of stupid people on the internet is that they will follow you around for eternity, chiefly due to the fact that they are bitter losers with nothing better to do, it should be noted.

    Anyhoo, enough of your anger, you guys really need to cheer up. Here’s a freebee from your younger, hipper friend Anonalgoue; trust me it’s right up your alley:


    You’re welcome.

  6. LOL, right Ian, I’m skeeeered of a prissy little socialist. Oh, and in case there was any doubt, pudgy 46 year old man, I’d take great pleasure in adjusting your attitude too. Consider yourself lucky I even comment here, fuckchop; without me you pretty much cease to exist.

  7. We all knew that was a given, Ian.

    I’m not entire sure how Anonalogue is crazy, but he is. The incredible mood swings, the Tourette-like explosions of obscenity, the threats, and the inability to actually pursue a train of thought not directly related to himself…these suggest some form of autism. I initially thought Asperger’s syndrome, but I’m not sure any more. The level of aggression isn’t characteristic.

    Anon. Listen carefully.

    You’re crazy, but not in an interesting way. You’re a self-obsessed, egocentric, childlike bore. The entire dynamic of your interventions in this thread is predicated on getting people talking to or about you at any cost. It’s fun getting you going occasionally, and I admit freely that I feel a bit guilty about abusing someone who is clearly a person with serious problems. So I’m not going to do it anymore.

    If you want to meet face to face…for about the twentieth time, I would be absolutely delighted. Please provide your real name and email address, and I guarantee…absolutely 100%…that I will meet you for whatever … what was your charming phrase…oh, yes, “attitude adjustment”…you think yourself capable of administering. I don’t expect any response on this, as I frankly think part of your psychotic aggression is based on cowardice. Please prove me wrong: my current impression is that your a foul mouthed, gutless lunatic, but I’d love the opportunity to find out different.

    Otherwise, I am going to leave you to your medication and therapy. Ian, I’ll be happy to continue the discussion around this tedious sicko…the topic is interesting. But Anonalogue has gotten to the limit of what very narrow amusement potential an emotional and intellectual infant can afford me. Taima. No more. It’s not Christian to mock the deeply afflicted.

    I’m going to repeat this one more time, Anon. Give me your name and your email address, and we will meet, just exactly as you requested. Got it? Clear?

  8. Uh oh, it looks like the prissy little bitch is cracking…

    Look, bitches, if you had any concept of honour you’d know it goes like this:

    Send me an email saying “Hi, you’re right, I am a wanker and need to pay the price for being a little pussy on the internet. What say we go at the corner of x and y streets at z o clock?

    I don’t need your real name and I don’t require you to email me, that was just my way of pussying out! Hahaha!

    Anyhoo, I’m ready to accept the consequences of my actions and by sending you this email I confirm that I agree to engage you and will not be a little bitch and press charges after you give me the though engagement that I, as a little bitch, deserve.”

    Gentlemen, I’m satisfied that should push ever come to shove there is a pretty clear pattern of harrassment which will work in my favour. I’ve asked you freaks to shut the fuck up and stop spouting defamatory hate and you refuse to do so.

    I don’t mean to be cruel, but you chaps aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and seem to have a hard time understanding this. You’ve both backed down from my challenge and I have better things to do with my time. Now, excuse me while I go watch my teams win, the Senators and the Conservatives. Peace out, bitch.

  9. Set phasers on “ignore”. The entertainment value inherent in this gutless, foul-mouthed, psycho shit has just run dry.

  10. Oh, sorry, Anal. I missed that last little fart of yours.

    You don’t have the balls to tell me your real name? The “younger”, “hipper” man doesn’t have the balls to tell the “old pussy” who he is?

    Okay. No problem. Email the time and place. I’ll post it here, real name or not, and I’ll be there. Promise.


  11. “I initially thought Asperger’s syndrome, but I’m not sure any more.”

    I was under the impression that those with Asperger’s had a good, if somewhat strictly literal, understanding of the English language.

    This little irritant obvious does not understand English at all.

    It also doesn’t seem to understand that it is standing in someone else’s living room, telling us all to shut up.

    But what can you expect from someone who cheers for the Senators and the Conservatives?

  12. “Biblical narcotics, was it?”

    You bet! Among a few other truths that we can learn from ancient scripture. I’m working on the sermon, but need to get some other work done before I begin preaching.

    Ah, truth is even sweeter than reason! 🙂

  13. Humorous aside: when I first heard that quote balbulican alludes to, I thought it was ceiling wax … and I couldn’t fathom what the hell such stuff was, or was supposed to do.

  14. “I’m not entire sure how Anonalogue is crazy, but he is.”

    He’s also giving the rest of us mentally ill folk a bad name.

    1. Perhaps he is just plain evil. Ill regard for inherent rights, freedom of speech (except his own foul speech), ill regard for life and liberty with his challenges insinuating physical instead of intellectual debate – I think he is not mentally ill at all. Just evil.

  15. Well, that little hiatus from discussion of Anonalogue went really well, didn’t it?

    Please, guys. He’s not “evil”.

    He is a disturbed person with some kind of cyclical emotional affliction that manifests in those weird bursts of obscenity, rage, and threats. He’s creepy and he’s crazy, but he’s not evil.

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