KirIan Spices Review

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As many of you know, Kiriaki and I began a small “import” business, importing Greek Oregano to Canada. We’ve grown the business and now also offer Greek Saffron (considered by many gourmet chefs to be the best and most dependable in purity, and will be offering thyme and Mediterranean bay leaves (laurel) very soon.

David Farrell, also known as the “Old Fat Guy” is a food blogger and star of a local cable TV cooking show in British Columbia. He agreed to do a review of KirIan products, on the agreement that he would provide an honest review. In other words, if he thought the quality was sub-par, he would say so.

We believe in our products enough that we were certain they would not be considered “sub-par” in anyone’s estimation and so confidently sent David a package.

Today, he has reviewed them. Go and find out what David thought!  We were very much pleased with David’s review and it was great to see him open the package of Greek Oregano for the first time, while doing his video review.

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