Greek Mountain Tea Now Available!

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A few weeks ago, as posted, BC’s David Farrel published a video review of KirIan herbs – herbs imported from Greece. At that point, we had our Greek Mountain Tea in Canada, but our packaging was not ready yet.

Now, we’re so very proud that we have been shipping for a few weeks now, and those that have tried it for the first time love the unique and delightful taste of our organically grown “sideritis.”

Kiriaki and I had a lot of fun and some long lasting memories in our search for the best Greek Mountain tea – driving up very narrow mountain roads at night, watching out for donkeys on the road, and made some great new friendships!

Grown in the region of Mount Taygatus, our Greek Mountain tea is carefully and organically harvested by a skilled and dedicated farmer. It took us over a year to finally visit with him and learn more about his farming practices before agreeing it would be good enough for the KirIan brand.

For those not aware, Greek mountain tea is extremely high in anti-oxidants and has very amazing anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great beverage when you are sick – or to keep you from getting sick in the first place! Recent scientific study has shown that the ancients of Greece were correct when they prescribed this tea for many ailments. Also called “shepherd’s tea,” it was often consumed by sheep herders while in the mountain areas.

The herb grows at high elevations and is revered among many in Baltic nations for it’s curative properties.

Give some a try yourself – and enjoy the wonderful unique taste! With hints of citrus, it’s especially good with a bit of honey. And you can drink it hot… or cold! Iced Mountain tea is very refreshing. Go here to give it a try.

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