Judeo-Christian What??

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Lost Budgie, some guy that insinuates he is a cop in Toronto, writes an article on Saudi’s gouging out eyes as punishment. In his post, he writes:

“Islamic civilization and values seem to be a tad different from our North American Judeo-Christian foundations – not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

Of course, he is correct – if you mean Judeo-Christian to mean “North American.” I think.

For just as Saudis would use eye gouging as punishment, there are some parts of North America, that I bet Lost Budgie that would agree consititue a culture of “Judeo-Christian” culture, that continue to execute people as punishment. In fact, the State of California used this brutal and inhuman punishment recently.

I wonder if Lost Budgie would agree with the brutality of killing someone out of punishment?

I sure hope he would not see this as the “Judeo” part of “Judeo-Christian” though. “Christians” have been putting people to death as a punishment for far longer, and for many more “reasons” than the Jews ever did. And of course, through the centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has done much more than “gouge eyes out” when it suited the rulers of the Church to do so. It was not that long ago, relatively speaking when is discussing “Judeo-Christianity,” that Christians in North America burned people to death that they suspected were witches. Of course abandoning all logic, and reality, people were burned and put to death out of a “Christian” belief.
Interestingly enough, even with all the terrorism that goes on in and around Israel, the very last execution in the state of Israel was in 1962.

I bet there are a lot of Jews, Israelites, that would like to tell Lost Budgie that his use of “Judeo-Christian” with regard to punishment is probably quite false (and maybe even offensive to them). It may indeed be his idea of “Christian,” (and after examining the history of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the previous ten centuries, might be true), but it is certainly not a “Judeo” tradition.

Lost Budgie, and any other bird brains out there, might want to do some research on “Judeo” traditions before including the phrase beside “Christian” traditions. Otherwise, we can just know that bird brains, including Lost Budgies, are so full of shit, what can we believe before even bothering to consider their opinion?

Bird Brain, please tell us what you really do know about “Judeo” traditions? And while you’re at it, why not tell us when the first known occurrence of the term “Judeo-Christian” ever appeared? You think it was about 2,000 years ago? Maybe about a 1,000 years ago, in some Latin Roman Catholic theology? Hmm.. nope. How about 400 years ago, during the Protestant Reformation? Nope again.

Want to try about one hundred years ago, for political purposes? Bingo. You’d be correct with that last try! In other words, the term “Judeo-Christian” is pretty much meaningless, in reality.

7 thoughts on “Judeo-Christian What??”

  1. The mainstream will not research their own beliefs, nor are they encouraged to do so by their leadershup and holy people — control is best achieved when the masses are told what they need to know and accept the concept that questioning what they are told is wrong.

    I can’t speak to the Jewish faith, I don’t know enough about it, but Christianity has got to be the laziest faith out there in this respect – for the most part they really do not know anything more than their holy people tell them about their faith.

  2. Poor old Lost Budgie is one of these folks is dead convinced that Muslims are taking over the world and must be stopped, that Christians are being deprived of their rights at every turn.

    He once posted a very indignant article about English prison guards being denied the right to wear the cross on their uniforms. How awful, eh? What an appalling abrogation of a Christian’s right to express his/her faith!

    I did a bit of digging. As it turned out:
    – the “cross” in question was pin featuring the cross of St. George, unfortunately adopted in recent years as an emblem by racist skinheads in England;
    – the prison in question had a large Muslim population;
    – an outside consultant had been asked to provide recommendations on ways to reduce violence against guards in the prison.

    Now, it seemed pretty logical to me that if you want to reduce violence against guards in a prison, you might tell them not to wear imagery that will inspire anger. But the Budgie didn’t see it that way.

  3. If I remember my Judaism correctly, and my memory is a little vague on this point, but capital punishment can only be used by the state if the temple has been re-established and the Kohen re-established as priests in the temple according to the Mitzvah. The case would have to be tired before 25 religious judges and if there is even one dissenting vote, no execution can take place.

    In order to execute Erlichman the Knesset enacted special legislation and then sent the legislation to the Supreme Court for a ruling. In addition, the state had the Rabbinical Court issue a ruling on the execution of Erlichman. Erlichman was seen as a special case and not the exception, hence, snipers and would be suicide bombers are jailed rather than executed.

    The blogsphere is just not the same when your not blogging, glad to see you back. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas and you have a prosperous and happy new year.

  4. Anon, what the heck is “Judeo Christian” nation? Furthermore, what makes a nation a “Judeo Christian” nation? Are you a “Judeo Christian?”

  5. Kateland, as always and as previously with Ianism 1.0, thank you for your comments. I predicted to myself that if you happened to come across The Sequel, this would be a post you’d comment on 🙂

    I’m not sure if my return to blogging is “good” for me or not. And yes, thanks, we did have a great Christmas, and we look forward to a wonderful 2006. I hope you received my email of about a week or so ago?

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