Is The Government of Canada Keeping Tabs?

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While trying to diagnose some harddrive problems that are going to take some time, I decided to have a look at my stats for this site.

A couple of very interesting observations. It appears that Government of Canada IP addresses have been visiting my site. Now, why on earth would they be doing that?

The other thing that’s interesting is how they arrived at my site. Yesterday, a visit from IP # 198.103.152.#, apparently registered to, arrived at my site after doing a Google search on “randy hillier.”

On September 9, 2004, I had a visit from IP 142.206.2.#, apparently used by Stats Canada. This IP arrived on my site after googling “back off canada.” Also on this same day, IP 192.197.178.#, and other ip address, visited my site after taking a look at Trudeaupia’s site, and clicking on the link to Ianism.

The first two are kind of interesting. It appears someone on the Government payroll is doing Google searches for Hillier, President of the Lanark Landowners Association, and their motto, “Back Off Government.”

Of course, this could simply be some Government employee, bored on his/her lunch hour, and of course has a genuine interest in knowing more about the LLA and/or Randy Hillier.

On the other hand, is someone keeping tabs on us?

2 thoughts on “Is The Government of Canada Keeping Tabs?”

  1. I surf your site from work as I do all the cool blogs (I work at Canada Revenue Agency). The other guys are probably doing the same. What do you think Stats Canada is going to do to you, anyhow? Your paranoia is making me paranoid. If you enquire at my work, the thought police will likely put an end to my surfing. So just in case, I won’t be checking out your site from work anymore.

  2. Hey Colin! Thanks for replying… believe me, I’m not paranoid 🙂 I just thought it was an interesting observation, especially with respect to the google search words that had been used. Don’t worry… I won’t be making any inquiries of Revenue Canada! Aren’t you guys on strike or something anyhow?

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