Hmm. Maybe Harper “Gets” Some Of It

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I’m a small business owner. Started my business from scratch (well, had and still have, a talented business partner who taught me tons of stuff), never took out a bank loan, and never, absolutely won’t, applied for, or received a government grant/loan.

I guess to those lefties out there, I could be described as “pro business” whatever that means. I’m actually “pro a lot of things,” some of which even lefties might be “pro” for.

But even though I am “pro business,” I am entirely “anti business/corporate welfare.” The government should NOT be in the business of competing against banks, lenders, or investors, or be playing favorites with any business.

By way of “Everybody Knows Joe Clark Should Join The NDP,” (I just love the name of that blog by Wendy Woudstra), maybe Harper gets this:

“I am here today to issue a challenge to the business community,” said Harper in a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade. “If you want lower business taxes, you must be willing at the same time to stop receiving government subsidies. I won’t lower one without lowering the other.”

Yeah! Now if only he’d commit to abandoning ALL forms of business and corporate welfare, I’d be jumping with joy. Maybe just maybe, seeing as The Freedom Party still can’t run a full slate of candidates, Red Tory Tilson might get my support after all. Not because I like Tilson – rather, another item in Harper’s Hat that I like.

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