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A Letter to MP Murray Calder:

Dear Mr. Calder,

Once again, I find that I need to bring Government bureaucratic ineptitude to your attention. I am appalled in the manner in which Citizenship and Immigration operates.

Canadians pride themselves on multiculturalism and freedom of the individual. Most Canadians welcome hard working immigrants that will benefit Canada.

I have seen some weird decisions over the years regarding refugees. The case regarding North Korean defector, Song Dae Ri, ranks right up there with weirdness.

Apparently, Mr. Ri will be executed if he is sent back to North Korea. Killed. Dead. No longer in existence. Murdered by the State. His wife has already been executed. Killed. Dead. Gone. Life snuffed out by a brutal regime.

The Canadian Government has even agreed that this it is likely that Mr. Ri will be executed.

But, it seems we’re sending him back anyhow. Gracefully, we’re going to let his 6 year old son stay in Canada. So, his six year old son can grow up a good Canadian, knowing the ‘Authorities’ sent his Daddy away to get killed.

According to the Globe And Mail report, an Immigration official named Mr. Grenier states, “because of the nature and severity of the acts committed” is the reason Mr. Ri must die in North Korea.

What were the severity and nature of those acts? Why, he was a trade official. According to the Globe’s report, “No allegations of specific crimes against humanity have been made against him, and Canada’s War Crimes Unit found no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Since when is being a trade official a severe crime? Perhaps you’d like to be the one to tell little 6 year old Master Ri, “Son, your daddy must die because he was a trade official, and we don’t like trade officials leaving North Korea. Being a trade official, and then leaving a corrupt country is a crime worthy of being killed. Let that be a lesson to you, sonny boy, should you ever become a Canadian trade official.”

Either there is something being hidden from the Canadian public about this story, or this is one of the most inhumane and idiotic decisions made by our Government’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

What’s going on, Mr. Calder? Is this just another example of some arrogant Liberal bureaucrat exercising their authority over someone’s life, or is there something being hidden from the public?

Please explain to me why my tax money is being used to send a man, based on the heinous crime of being a trade official, to his death.

What are your values, Mr. Calder? Don’t you find this shocking?

Who the heck are these people on these boards that would make such a decision, and yet allow outright criminals who would steal and murder, and that we have
evidence of, stay in the country?

You may reference the article here:

Ian Scott

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