Building For Sale In Ioulida – Interested?

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delapidated building for sale in Ioulida, Kea with phone number 6942434443

Back in September, we took the ferry from Lavrio and headed to the Island of Kea – which takes approximately an hour. We stayed five days on the island, and I managed to take quite a few photos of which I’ll share later.

While on the island, we drove to the village of Ioulida (also known as Ioulis), considered the capital of Kea. It’s quite a small place and the only way you can actually move around inside the village is on foot, or perhaps with a moped or motorbike. Upon arriving at the village, you must leave your car outside (there was lots of parking available when we were there), and then walk into the village.

As we walked around, we came upon the view of this old dilapidated building that was for sale – I tried to do a little bit of research (without actually calling the phone number) on what the asking price was, but was unable to find anything. It does not seem to be listed on any of the Greek real estate websites that I looked at.

Based on what I saw, I’m not really sure how easy it would be for anyone (assuming there is anyone that wants it) to fix up the place. I think it would be very difficult to transport construction supplies to the place, or figure out how to dispose of what needs to be removed.

Ioulida is located on Kea and at an elevation of 317 metres (1,040 feet) above sea-level according to this page at Greek Travel Pages. However, I’m not sure where precisely in the town this is measured as the town is built on a slope, and some of the pathways are quite steep.

I’ll wrote more about this town and the famous carved lion that it is well known for at another time, but if you are interested in purchasing the above pictured building, feel free to call +30 6942434443. I have no clue who will answer, but if you make a deal with the present owner(s), let them know where you found the property – perhaps they’ll send me a commission!

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