Bill Gates And Dr. Andrew Hill MUST Be Arrested

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doctor andrew hill
Dr Andrew Hill who admits being paid off by Unitaid Organization

A video entitled “A Letter To Andrew Hill” has been released in the past day. It is a video that gives the story of a co-researcher named Dr. Tess Lawrie and her astonishment in how Dr. Hill modified the conclusions in an Ivermectin study published in January of 2021.

There is evidence now in the video that Dr. Hill was paid off by the Unitaid organization, which is funded enormously by Bill Gate’s foundation.

You must watch it. It clearly shows medical science fraud. And this is why we must never allow censorship to occur.

Please visit now, and watch the evidence. You will be angry, but you need to know this.

Dr. Andrew Hill literally is a criminal and he must be held accountable for crimes against humanity, funded by Bill Gates.

Dr. Tess Lawrie is not some “conspiracy theory” person. She was actively involved in Ivermectin research with Dr. Hill.

Yeah, it’s that serious and it is that damning.

Why Would People Not Want Ivermectin Evidence That Shows It Works?

This is what a lot of people don’t understand. It is tied to money of course.

If evidence is strong for any existing drug that it can treat COVID, then there can be no “Emergency Authorization” for any vaccination. If there is treatment available that is highly effective, then any vaccination must go through full clinical trials and the normal FDA approval process. By keeping any medicine that is available and suppressing evidence that it works means “Emergency Authorization” for COVID vaccines can continue – and the drug companies and investors continue to make billions. Bill Gates has profited handsomely from his investments in the vaccines so it is in his best financial interests to allow people to suffer with COVID without treatment while the vaccines are promoted.

Who Is Dr. Andrew HIll?

Dr Andrew Hill is a research fellow at Liverpool University. He was tasked with looking at the evidence for Ivermectin. His conclusions astonished many, and there is now evidence he was paid off by the Unitaid Society to downplay strong evidence that Ivermectin was an effective treatment for COVID.

According to his bio on Academic Medical Information, Hill is also an advisor to the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. See how this works?


Twitter has just suspended  locked my account for linking to the video in a tweet, in which I wrote that this is evidence that Dr. Hill was paid off for changing the conclusion in the study. Twitter claims I “broke their rules.”

This is how despicable they are, and how much they do not want you to know the truth.

5 thoughts on “Bill Gates And Dr. Andrew Hill MUST Be Arrested”

  1. Holy F*CK!! This is scientific corruption at the highest level! Thank you for sharing this.

    My head is spinning right now.

    1. Simple. With critical thinking, knowledge, digging, and knowledge of history. de

      Critical thinking that includes ideas of unintended consequences will always do you well, and often with predictions that will come true more often than what present day “experts” claim. And this is historically proven.

  2. Definitely is a cause for concern and checks many red flags, but just because Gates name is involved, where is the concrete evidence linking him to the corruption. Documentation is needed and follow the money trail, which these scientists can’t provide or unable to properly investigate.It should be investigated by proper authorities in order to lay charges. The truth must come out in the end fully to the public, from an entity that has nothing to gain from their findings.

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