A Yacht Named Freedom

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While walking around the Port Of Lavrio a couple of weeks ago, the name on this yacht caught my eye:

yacht with the name freedom on it in port of lavrio

I am really enjoying getting to know Lavrio, Greece. People are so very friendly, and there is always a place to park. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a drive to the port and have a walk around. Of course, the above yacht and her name caught my attention. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so the colours are not as brilliant as I’d like them to be.

While Lavrio is a small place, its port is important – it’s used by cargo vessels, ferries, cruise ships, and pleasure craft docking. I saw quite a few European flags flying from various pleasure craft, and one larger pleasure yacht appeared to be from Delaware, USA. I did not take a great deal of photos that day, but am looking forward to when its warmer and brighter and I have some hours to wander around with my camera.

Towards the late afternoon, I arrived back at the house in Spiliazeza and this was the view – sunbeams fighting through the clouds to light up the sea in front of Makronisos (which means ‘Long Island’):

sunbeams through dark clouds on the sea in front of makronisos island

Anyway, freedom (or ‘eleftheria’ meaning ‘liberty’ in Greek) has been on my mind a lot. So, I was happy to see the yacht and its name, that day!

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