Arctic Sea Ice – Not What Was Predicted

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arctic sea ice graph - August 29, 2019

Check out the graph. Recall at the beginning of the month, all the alarmists were literally “screaming” that the “arctic was on fire” and there were predictions that this year, we’d see a record low Arctic sea ice extent for the satellite era. Actually, this is possibly not true – if you go to the IPCC website and download their first report, there is actually a record of sea ice extent for the arctic that dates back to the early 1970’s. There you will find that there were years that had very low sea ice extent, and then it began to grow until a massive amount of sea ice was recorded in 1979.

Of course, they ignore those sea ice measurements of the 1970’s now. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

This year’s sea ice summer extent is also low – but again, the shrill predictions are not coming true. None of them, including predictions made back in the early 21st century that we’d be seeing an “ice free” arctic in the summer, by now.

At the beginning of August 2019, I was reading politicians and others claiming that the Arctic was “burning up” and other idiotic language – while the pointed to the very low ice extent – that appeared to be closely tracking 2012.

But no – it’s not what happened, and now, arctic sea ice extent appears to be actually growing somewhat, three to four weeks earlier than usual.

So what have the silly crowd including the so-called mainstream media done? They’ve jumped over to screaming about Amazon Basin fires, and making absolutely false statements about the fires in the Amazon Basin. Today’s so-called “journalists” are mostly nothing but tools – in both senses… in the derogatory sense as well as tools of activists who are actually hyping their own illogical economic and political philosophy.

Climate change is real. It’s been happening for millions of years. The earth is fine. What is not fine are the silly fools that continue to make prophecies that will not come to bare, and the ridiculous false claims that they make.

The Arctic is not ice free as was prophesied by the climate cultists. And August 2019 will not be a “record low.”

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