An Interesting Contrast In Semantics

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Via Colby Cosh, I found this story from Fox News about a poll of “Indians” regarding whether the term Redskins as in “Washington Redskins” was offensive.

Some interesting results. Overall, 90% said no. But 22% of those with “College” or “Some College” said it was offensive.

I wonder what they are teaching in colleges these days.

And I also find it interesting that a poll is used to determine “offendedness.”

But then to take this even further, I found it interesting that the term “Indians” was used. In Canada, this would be “offensive” and the term “aboriginals” would normally be used instead.

It’s amazing how some folk can become “offended” at words, huh? And words that are simply a string of letters. Symbols if you will.

The older I become, the more amazed I am at the fact that people become “offended” at the sight of some words or the sounds of some words. The word or sound itself has no offence, unless the mind reading or hearing decides it should be offensive.

This is the root of all evil. Not taking responsibility for your own “feelings” of “offence” and blaming it on the other guy. Demanding that others communicate “words” the way you want them to be used. And if they don’t, demanding they be censored.

It’s also interesting to note that apparently, “Indians” of Washinton don’t mind the term “Indian” while “Aboriginals” in British Columbia, that may even have the same bloodlines in their tribal ancestory, cringe at the word “Indian.”

Weird, the power of language has over some folks, huh?

Feel free to call me whatever you want. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

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