An Academic On Knowledge

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Posted By ian

“…knowledge, which after all, is derived from the analysis and reasoning of a ‘community of scholars.”

~ Edwina Taborsky (From the comment section at The Shotgun)

Got that? Knowledge is derived from analysis and reasoning of a “community of scholars.”
Gotta love those University Professors who will keep us straight on where knowledge is derived from, huh? Makes you also wonder, when was the last time they got laid??

4 thoughts on “An Academic On Knowledge”

  1. I wonder what her getting laid has to do with her opinions? While I disagree with her projections and the rage with which she attacked you, I’m not sure that pondering on her sexual life will improve the situation.

    Also her attitudes and responses are pretty common for the “intellectual elite” when they are challenged, they attempt to silence the opposition through rhetorical diarrhea. Usually including personal attacks that have little or nothing to do with the topic at hand. Not saying that this is a hard pattern, but I think you will notice it occurring relatively often particularly if they believe that they can make your point of view irrelevant by putting your person in question. It may be better to ignore her, or respond in a calm fashion (which will probably infuriate her more but its fun).

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