Open Letter To “Anonalogue”

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From my business partner, emailed to [email protected] and cc’d to me:

Dear “Anonalogue,”

Thank you for your phone call yesterday concerning Ian, my business partner. As I promised, I spoke to Ian about your assertions.

1. Ian has assured me that he is in no way stalking you. In fact, after viewing your blog, it would seem as though you are obsessed with him, while I couldn’t find mention of you on any recent posts on Ian’s blog at all.

2. You mentioned “having to delete” 15 comments of Ian’s on the Western Standard blog. Ian did advise me that there was some incident where you deleted his comments, but that you, and not Ian, were the one the Western Standard took action against.

3. Ian has assured me that he is not a holocaust denier, nor has he denied the holocaust on his blog, though he does admit posting about some myths about the holocaust that he was taught in school which have proved to be false, but he absolutely and categorically does not deny the holocaust.

Finally, you must admit that given the situation, your call to me is extraordinary, and the threat on your own blog to harm my business is quite disconcerting. Given the situation, I have no choice but to consider you a mentally imbalanced individual who is a threat to my family and my business.

If you do not remove your defamatory comments, and cease cyberstalking my business partner, I will fully support Ian in ensuring that you face the consequences of your actions fully and completely.


Wendy Woudstra.

24 thoughts on “Open Letter To “Anonalogue””

  1. Paladiea:

    Ottawa and Kanata are the same city. Calling the west end of Ottawa “Kanata” is a relic of pre-amalgamation.

  2. Someone identifying himself as “Anonalogue” phoned my office yesterday, asked to speak to me, then to my partners. He then berated our office manager, and claimed that I had “threatened the life of his family”. He then bragged about having done so on his website, and suggested that he was going to begin calling my clients.

    I have twelve employees and four partners. I’ve built this company up over 13 years. My staff was in shock today.

    There’s a real world out here outside the blogs, and real people have now been hurt. That’s enough.

    1. He’s in Ottawa.

      In the past he has elluded to the fact that he works for the government, but I would treat that as unconfirmed.

  3. I’ve noticed that he has taken all his stuff off his website. I would suggest people taking some sort of legal action against him for defemation of character. He clearly lied about what he was saying. He started the game, why not finish it.

  4. It’s interesting that although Anonalogue has accused a number of bloggers of “stalking” & threatening him & his family (I haven’t actually seen any threats that weren’t of a reciprocal nature, though), his response is to slander & defame as if with impunity. Good for you, Ian, for standing your ground. His internet harassment is one thing (although potentially damaging, it’s pretty much limited to blogging world). Calling your office(s) to repeat his lies in such a way as to literally create havoc was crossing the line. Balb, I would encourage you to take a similar approach but it seems that the “cyberstalker” posts that we all starred in have been taken down, so perhaps we will be spared future nonsense. I hope so; I’m an employee, not an employer, and don’t need the potential grief. The upside being if I were fired due to his actions, a lawyer would have a field day.

    Peter D, unfortunately the courts would have a difficult time with such a suit as bailiffs can’t serve a blog. Since no one knows his identity, he’s safe trash whomever he wants.

  5. I’m not going to say too much right now, but let me say that indeed, Anonalogue has stepped over a line which I think, and others who I won’t identify right now, believe along with me, needs to be dealt with.

    It’s being dealt with. Over the next litle while, there will be much more to deal with as well.

    I’ll be in Ottawa shortly myself. Maybe in two days, maybe in two weks, who knows? When I’m there though, I shall have plenty of time. 🙂

  6. Ian my sympathy for you and your partner, having faced the same kind of blog harrassment from another psycho I empathize. Hopefully Wendy’s strong statement will work to dissuade analouge from further harrassment.

  7. A very unfortunate situation indeed, Ian.

    Here is a great story which I don’t feel as bad about regarding Anonalogue. Back in the summer, he posted comments on my site for the very first time and, as usual, it was wasteful and useless to say the least. I took him to task in a very heated exchange from the get-go. I think he was so used to people giving him attention, much like today, and the initial benefit of the doubt that he was shocked when I knew his agenda right away.

    Low and behold, when I went to his site the next day, he had pledged to quit serious blogging and was posting pictures of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. That’s when I knew he was playing Texas Hold ‘em, but the full deck wasn’t there.

    I would say don’t pay him any mind, but I don’t know the circumstances of most of you either. In my opinion, there are more important things to worry about than a psycho like Anonalogue.

    I said the same thing regarding the Mark Bourrie situation where I advised him to apologize instead of grandstanding to the blogosphere regarding Kinsella. Many went on and on about this and that, but in the end he apologized. the right thing to do.

    I guess this is the first time many of these people have played hardball in this arena.

    You don’t hear me freaking out regarding Anonalogue, even if he does give me the prize for Random Pussy Blogger Award: The Sorry Centrist.

  8. Wow. That’s really creapy… To essentually hunt someone down because of what they had posted on a public forum… Anonalogue sounds like he/she may be in need of some professional help, its one thing to argue with someone online even to the point of raging like a complete phycopath but to bring it into the “real” world is really disturbing…

  9. Pete, he edited a comment I had left last week on his blog as well. Par for the course 🙂

    Now that Wendy sent him the email as her response to his despicable phone call to her, he has removed most of his libelous content but has also banned me from commenting on his blog.

    But I have to admit, after his phone call, and his threats, I firewalled his IP address off from my servers. Of course, this isn’t much of a guarantee if Rogers changes the IP address of his router.

  10. The line has been crossed; no doubt screen captures have been made; and at least one criminal offence has been committed–criminal harassment. Forget civil action. Call the police.

  11. Are you serious?!?

    Anonalogue actually did this to your partner and yourself? That is sufficient grounds to treat this person as genuinely dangerous, and I hope you are in a position to properly remedy this situation. From the sounds of it you do, and until/unless it occurs I do not expect to know what that might be but whatever it is I wish you all the success in the world.

    I remember first running across Anonalogue last summer, and he quite quickly demonstrated his zealotry and predilection for attacking anyone he disagreed with, and doing so in a fairly vile bilious venomous format. That he would go from cyberstalking on blogs against those he dislikes to actually attacking them in the “real” world in such a manner is saddening, but unfortunately not surprising.

    While Anonalogue is certainly a blowhard worthy of ignoring online, once he crossed into acting against someone in the “real” world the dangerous potential he has now showed himself capable of cannot be dismissed let alone ignored. It makes me very glad I stopped responding to anything he wrote many months ago, even when he tried to get my goat with some rather ugly personal attacks within his “critiques” of my writings/comments. I wish you well Ian, and I am very sorry to see you have been placed in this position.

  12. This is serious stuff. I hope you did get screen captures.

    I’ve known someone who became so obsessed with disagreeing with another person that she tracked down her employer and tried to get her fired, as well as trying to affect other business. (I’ve also known people on the other side of the continent who called child services in a person’s city and tried to get their kids taken away.)

    You can’t just ignore this now. Who knows what this person is doing to attack someone else?

  13. About as unstable as they get. The US has Captain Ed, and we get Captain Edit, it’s not fair is it.

    Over the last year, he has had government contracts, been a poli sci student, and is also and computer tech….

    Up the dosage Anon, they aren’t working…….

  14. I’ve seen this guy’s posts and comments elsewhere. What an idiot he is. Anonalogue seems to think he is an expert on everything – typical signs of mental instability. He does need some sort of help.

  15. Scott:

    Thanks for that link, I forgot I made his list in the “Biggest Windbag Award” category. What a laugh that was considering that source, I’ve just done a screen capture for posterity, rarely have I ever been so critiqued by such an ironic source and it is worth savouring, especially if/when Anonalogue meets the fate his conduct will inevitably earn him.

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