Website Speed Issues

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For those of you still following “Ianism,” and those that might be interested (if you have a business website, you should be), we’ve published an in-depth article on website speed issues.

We’re seeing so many “new” web development agencies come along that really have no clue about the importance of website speed, image sizes, correct standards and usability, and how they go hand in hand with search engine optimization – and we know many business owners are getting some really bad advice!

Many of the recommendations you can do yourself – if you have the time to both learn and implement – on the other hand, we can also do it for you and ensure you’re on the right track. There are so many temptations these days for fancy features in website themes and site builders, but honestly – so many of them just add code bloat to websites, slow them down, and can even cause Terms Of Service (TOS) Violations if your site were to actually get busy and have lots of traffic. Believe me, we’ve seen it!

One case study that we recently dealt with was a client who decided to have a “beautiful” graphics heavy website (over 50 MB in download on the front page alone!), using the Diva website builder tool.

One hundred site visitors per hour caused their hosting company to shut them down – because their website was using up so much of the hosting company’s server resources.

Honestly, this is a big problem and you need to consider the issues, and learn more about efficiency and site speed.

Here’s our article: Speed Matters: Why You Should Speed Up Your Website! (With Some Tips)

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