Winter Barbecue – Greek Style

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When ever someone says “Greek Style,” certain ideas used to come to my mind. I won’t get into them right now, but today, when someone uses that expression, lots of different ideas come to my mind because there are many interesting lifestyle activities that are truly “Greek Style.” And it’s not always about sex.

Sometimes, it’s even about Greek Style barbecuing:

grilling pork steaks over coals in the fireplace

Today in the southern parts of Attica, it has been a blustery, windy day that has included snow flurries. While the snow did not stay on the ground here, with the temperature hovering around 2 Celcius, word is that there is quite a bit of snow further north towards Athens, in the city, and on the mountains. A great day to bring in wood and get a fire going in the fireplace.

By evening, I had enough hot coals from the fire that I could grill pork steaks over them. A little oregano, lemon, and olive oil mixed together and generously brushed onto the steaks is always a “Greek style” of grilling anything. These steaks were no exception to that rule of style here.

Here in Greece, it’s easy to find decent grilling racks that are portable – use them indoors or outdoors in the summer. And that is what I used to cook dinner this evening, in the fireplace.

It was delicious! And while it was blustery outside, the seat beside the fireplace is always warm when it’s blazing even if the rest of the non-insulated house can get cold.

And even on days with no sunshine, it’s still a nice view, although the snow that was blowing meant I couldn’t see the sea or the island of Makronisos like I normally can.

snow reducing vision of the aegean sea

While it’s hard to see from the photo, and perhaps partly because none of it stuck to the ground, that is snow in the photo that is causing the low vision of the sea and island in the distance. Many are surprised to learn that it snows in Greece, but indeed winter months can be quite chilly and snow falling is a frequent possibility although it’s generally not common. But it seems the past three winters have had enough cold weather to experience major snow storms, even in the south of Greece that have paralyzed traffic at times.

But, the fireplace is warm.

2 thoughts on “Winter Barbecue – Greek Style”

  1. Well you know what they say Ian, very cold weather is a sure sign of global warming.
    I find a glass of whiskey always helps with the cold nights.
    Stay warm!

    1. 😀 😀

      Funny you say that. For the past 3 years, Athens and area has had significant (For the area) snow falls several times…. I think more than in the previous 5 to 10 years put together.

      Yes, whiskey is great, but the local tsipouro is quite good – and far more economical. Would be great to see you again, wherever it is, and have a glass of something together! Here, N. Ireland, or England. Heck, let’s have a visit to Iceland! 🙂 Some great fishing there!

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