Wind Hellas (Wind Internet/Mobile/Telephone In Greece) – Worse Company Ever

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Okay, calling them “worse company ever” might be an exaggeration. But it certainly is a pathetic company that seems to not care one bit about customer service. They tell lies, give you the run-around, and you should not bother dealing with them. Even the worst telephony companies in Canada are ten times better than Wind Hellas.

In an update to my post on Cosmote & Wind, the saga with Wind continues. We had cancelled Wind after:

  • Not delivering on their promise to have us “connected” within two weeks.
  • Failing to show up on two different days that they said they would, which meant we lost time and had to change plans for nothing.

We cancelled with them both at the Wind office in Nea Ionia as well as by calling them. Three times at the Wind Office in fact, and several times on the phone.

Fourteen days after we walked into the Wind Office, where they promised internet and phone within two weeks but failed to deliver. The person at the counter made note of our request, refused to take back the modem saying that someone else from Wind would look after retrieving their equipment, and advised us to also call. We called and told them that because of their inability to keep appointments which wasted our time, and the fact they did not keep their commitment to have us hooked up within two weeks, we wanted to cancel.

But with Wind, it seems the left hand has no clue about the right hand. Their systems, communications, and management are obviously pretty F*c*ED up. But that is not our fault, nor is it the fault of any other Wind Customer.

To make a long story short, we now have a bill from Wind for services that we are not using, never used, cancelled before the service was installed (if it ever really was installed as no technician ever came while eventually, a Cosmote technician DID come after we cancelled wind and arranged with Cosmote).

If a Cosmote tech could come and did come (and the previous line into these premises were with Cosmote), then why did Wind not come, and why are they now telling us that they never needed to send a tech in the first place, even though their several text messages to us indeed suggested we needed to be here for a Wind tech to show up??

If you are a resident of Greece and are experiencing bad service with Wind, tell them to go to hell and that you won’t put up with this horrible company that has no respect for other peoples’ time. If our experience with Wind is typical, then this is a company that would not last a year in North America or other first world countries where service is important.

After we received the unexpected bill from Wind yesterday, we went immediately to the Wind office in Nea Ionia, spoke with person there that we have never dealt with before, who talked with a raised voice towards us, and basically said there was nothing we could do but pay the bill, as if all the issues with Wind was somehow acceptable and our fault. He then told us to call a Wind phone number – that is recorded – as if maybe we hadn’t made phone calls already?

So we call Wind yesterday with the phone number provided. We are told to expect a call back. No call back ever came.

This by the way, is typical of our experience with Wind – on Social Media Twitter back in June, the Wind Hellas twitter account asked us to fill out a form on their website when we complained about the lack of any tech arriving. We did fill out the form, and upon submission of the form, read a notice that we would be contacted within 24 hours. No one ever did contact us.

Today we call again and this time, we are told to go and fill in another form on the Wind website. What the hell? What is a customer service or accounts department good for?? What sort of third-world dinosaur management does this company have??

I have no idea how this is all going to work itself out, but honestly, if you are coming to Greece, and planning an extended stay and are hoping for Internet – walk right past the Wind office and do not even bother with them.

I am sure many of the employees at Wind are good people – but honestly, if you have a moral compass or a conscience, please look for another job as Wind is likely going to drag you down personally while you continue to help a horrible company waste people’s time while causing frustration. If you can’t quit your job (I know, jobs are difficult to come by in Greece right now), then speak up and tell your managers that they are totally not customer oriented and in the long run, that is the only way a business can survive.

By the way, Cosmote were able to come through although we needed to push a little bit, but they listened. So big kudos to them.

But Wind? You are something else, indeed.

My advice to anyone looking for Internet/Telephony services in Greece? Don’t bother talking to Wind!

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