Wild Poppies In Nea Ionia

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wild poppies in bloom

The other day, I took the dog for a quick walk – after of course getting my “permission text” from the Greek government during the COVID-19 crisis. We were out for about 15 minutes, when I noticed these red blooms among the daisies. I thought they were poppies, but I did not know for sure as I’ve never seen (that I know of) wild poppies growing anywhere before.

Holding onto a dog that wants to be active while trying to take photos is not the easiest (he is usually pretty obedient when told to “sit” except when there are cats around – and there were cats around). So, the photos did not turn out great as the dog was pulling at the leash as I tried to snap them.

When I returned, I confirmed that they were indeed red poppies.

The one thing about this COVID-19 pandemic and being practically “locked down” is that when you do go out, you can notice more things around you with the fact there are far less people to bump into.

I understand that the blooming season for wild poppies can be short but I’ll keep an eye out for more of them. The weather recently turned to become quite chilly again with day time temperatures not much above 12 and going down into single digits at night. I really don’t know much about poppies other than they grew in Flander’s Fields.

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