Where Are The Freedom Of Speech Defenders?

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Trudeapia is disgusted with the Conservative Party’s reaction to the CRTC decision to shut down CHOI.

But it’s not just the Conservatives. Where’s the Freedom Party of Canada? Where are the Libertarian Party members? Why aren’t they shouting from the rooftops? Not even a mention of this on either of their websites.

50,000 people marching in support of freedom of speech, and we get basically nothing from any of our political parties other than a press release from the Conservatives saying they are “concerned.”

Why aren’t they outraged?

5 thoughts on “Where Are The Freedom Of Speech Defenders?”

  1. The last thing which the present Conservative Party is willing to do is take on the CRTC – or any other Trudeaupian entity. They made that clear in this recent election.

    Sad, isn’t it.

  2. It sure is Jay! I’m still not totally sure about the Conservative party really – the MP that was elected in my riding in June is a Conservative, but in conversation with him, he doesn’t really seem any different in values than most Liberals. Just different ideas about the same old same old. Very sad.

  3. The CPC cannot be the vehicle for these kinds of ideological battles right now. They have to be seen as a government in waiting, not an advocacy group. Canadians, particularly Ontarians, are a skittish bunch. Eyes on the prize. There is no change in this country without the engines of power behind you. This is not America. Liberal voters and other morally confused types aren’t just timid of change and risk, they’re actually afraid of ideas – ideas are so, well, American, you know.

  4. Oh, be fair. All three Libertarian Party members in the province of Quebec were out for that protest. It was a mass-Libertarian moment of a magnitude not seen since, oh, 1988 or so.

  5. All three of them showed up? 100% turnout? That’s fantastic 🙂 In all seriousness though.. I thought it would have been a great opportunity for the Libertarians or Freedom Party to actually say something. Ah well…

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