What A Bunch Of Dorks – Government Waste

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I’ve got a new idea for a section of this website. Only really special idiots will have a place in this section. I’ve got a name for it as well – although I’m open to other suggestions. But first, let me tell you how this idea has all come about.

I was in Ottawa on Thursday and Friday, and happened to get a free copy of the Ottawa Sun from a Country Style coffee shop, Friday morning. I don’t normally read any of the Sun papers, but with some time to burn, I sat with my coffee and started leafing through when I came upon an article entitled “Grits fold on hi-tech ID card.” Unfortunately, the story doesn’t seem to be available on the Ottawa Sun website.

Basically, the article indicates that the Government have decided to discontinue pursuing a national ID card that would be equipped with biometric information. According to the article, the “Commons immigration committee spent almost a year studying the issue…[]…It also went to Europe in 2003.”

So, these yahoos go off and spend tax payer money on a trip to Europe for two weeks, it seems. The article doesn’t state how many of these nimwits went there, or how much money tax payers ended up paying for this trip, but get this… this is the most amazing and weird thing of all. Read this really slowly and be utterly amazed at your tax dollars at work:

“During its two-week European tour, the committee wanted to see similar cards in action but discovered none of the countries it visited actually had national ID cards in use.”

Did you get that? This is the 21st century right? We’ve got telephones that work quite well connecting to parties across the ocean blue, and the last I heard, Ottawa was pretty will wired to the most amazing information source that has ever existed – and yet they still end up going to visit countries to study the use of ID cards, and end up in countries where no ID card is used.

Did they get on the wrong train or something? More like the gravy train.

Now this truly deserves an award for stupidity. So, here’s the name of the possible new future section of this website, and it’s a question I’d like to ask the organizer(s) of this European tour: “Were both your parents retarded, or just one of them?”

Because seriously… this has to be one of the stupidest, most idiotic trips a government official ever took. Heading off to Europe to study something that doesn’t even exist. What motivates these idiots? Who the heck are on these committees that they couldn’t even pick up a phone to find out if a country they were visiting had ID cards before they spent our money?

I don’t give a hoot if it’s politically incorrect to say this, as there simply isn’t any better description for it: The organizer(s) and the committee members of this trip are a bunch of clowns. Actually, that’s too good a word for them. As I said, retarded idiots is more apt.

So, this committee will be my first nomination for the “Were Both Your Parents Retarded, Or Just One Of Them?” award.

5 thoughts on “What A Bunch Of Dorks – Government Waste”

  1. I should be shocked by this, but we seen so may of these since February it’s not surprising anymore. After a quick Google (Canada “National ID Card” Europe), I think I found orig article on the Calgary Sun webpage: ID card plan fails grade Huge amount spent on idea By MARIA MCCLINTOCK, OTTAWA BUREAU OTTAWA — The federal government has quietly dropped the controversial idea of developing a national ID card equipped with biometrics despite spending hundreds of thousands on the project, Sun Media has learned. The Commons immigration committee spent almost a year studying the issue and travelling the country consulting Canadians. It also went to Europe in During its two-week European tour, the committee wanted to see similar cards in use, but discovered none of the countries it visited actually had national ID cards in use. Immigration committee chairman Sarkis Assadourian told Sun Media the committee has no intention of producing its final report on the card because it’s now studying the issue of foreign credentials. “We were quite active and we prepared an interim report on (the national ID card and biometrics), but now we’re focussing on the foreign credentials because national ID goes into security, it’s not immigration anymore,”Assadourian said. Security Minister Anne McLellan’s office denied it’s dealing with the national ID card and said it’s an immigration issue. The idea of a national ID card was championed by former immigration minister Denis Coderre starting in the fall of 2002 as a security measure in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Coderre argued a high-tech card equipped with features such as an iris scan or fingerprint would help combat identity theft and prevent racial profiling at the border. He tasked the immigration committee with exploring the idea. Immigration Minister Judy Sgro has said she would await the final report from the Commons immigration committee before making a decision. Calgary-Nose Hill Conservative MP Diane Ablonczy said the committee found little support for an ID card and applauded the government for dropping it.

  2. This kind of stupidity would be deserving of a “Darwin Award” if one of the globetrotters had died while there. Perhaps “Darwinette” for the new section title if you are reserving that space for stupid people who don’t have the decency to remove themselves from the gene pool.

  3. This is a typical politico stunt. The committee includes opposition members who are bought off with the free trip. All enjoy a tour of europe without mention or criticism.

  4. Thanks, Joe. I figured it was one of those “all party” committees. I’m looking into it more to find out who went, and regardless of political stripe, I plan on letting them all know how idiotic and wasteful it was.

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