Toronto Councillors Don’t Believe In Property Rights

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Revenue. It’s hillarious to see leftwingers complain about corporations and business chasing the “almighty dollar” when in fact, they themselves do enough of their own chasing. Another case of this in the City of Toronto is a further erosion of property rights.

According to this Toronto Star article, the City plans on shutting down the ability of private owners to enforce their own parking regulations unless they “issue a City of Toronto ticket.”

Which of course means it’s the City that gets the revenue, and not the property owner who works at maintaining the property and chasing squatters that would try to park illegally on their property. Why should the City get this Revenue?

At least Councillor Peter Milczyn (Ward 5, Etobicoke-Lakeshore) seems to have some common sense. “This is nothing but expropriation without compensation,” he said according to The Star’s article.

“I think the city will get challenged and I think we’ll lose if it goes to court,” Milczyn said.

I hope it goes to court and some of these left wing almighty dollar chasers will be told what to do with their crazy ideas.

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