The Two Creative Travelers & Their New House In Italy

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Meet Debbie and Stijn

I came across this couple a few months ago, when I received an email from Stijn in regard to one of my posts on purchasing an olive grove in Greece. Stijn related how he might be interested in looking for something in Italy and had some questions about how things went for me. Over time, it turned out that Stijn and his wife Debbie have had a very interesting past couple of years – they sold all their possessions in the USA to fulfill a dream of traveling through Europe.

They have visited a few countries in Europe including Belgium, Germany, Portugal and now Italy.

It turns out that even for them, life can have some odd twists and turns; I certainly never expected to be in Greece for an extended time and if you had asked me five or six years ago if I’d have purchased an olive grove here, and be staying in a house with an incredible view of the Aegean Sea, I’d suggest you were a wee bit off your rocker!

Debbie and Stijn had previously apparently thought about settling down somewhere in Europe and made a list of what would be the “perfect” location for them – things like being able to live in a small town, walking distance to a coffee shop, and other criterion.

It turns out they fell in love with a house and area that was almost the very opposite of what they had previously envisioned!

I haven’t watched all of their videos (I’m more of a reader than a video watcher), but I have watched a few from the Channel of “Two Creative Travelers” with much interest. Perhaps one day, we’ll get to meet each other; relatively speaking we’re not that far away from each other. Probably as the crow flies, closer than when we all lived back in North America!

This is their latest video – showing their excitement about purchasing their house in Italy. It’s very interesting and I’m looking forward to the next installment when they discuss all the nitty gritty details about how the offer and sale went. One interesting thing: apparently when Italians sell their house in Italy, they also take the entire kitchen – and you need to install a new one to your own liking.

It sure looks like a beautiful house in a beautiful area! And, with olive groves close by as well.

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