The More You Regulate…

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.. the more lawbreakers you’ll have. Jay Jardine discusses the prohibition era in PEI. And that era is today – not some long dark period many moons ago. Interestingly enough, many of the people of PEI aren’t too happy with the law makers, and are rebelling. Jay also writes:

“What’s really loathesome is how the state, acting just like any other organized gang of thugs, serves to uphold the monopoly on its turf, by harassing those who dare to enter into voluntary contractual arrangements outside of their blessed sanction.”

Right on, Jay.

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1 thought on “The More You Regulate…”

  1. Corruption does not come from a lack of laws it comes from too many laws. It’s the old $20,000 fruit stand in puru. You can follow the rules to open a fruit stand and it will cost you 2 years and $20 grand or you can pay the local cop a couple of pesos a day. In Canada, cigarette taxes cause smuggling. The “criminals” are just supplying the demand.

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