The Endarkment

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“The Endarkenment proceeds at a gallop, and the consequences are clear to everyone who cares to look, by now. This is how the end comes: no with a bang or a whimper, but with a smug declaration that it’s for your own good, for national security, for the people. And you aren’t against that, are you? 

Are you, Citizen?”

~ John Lopez


Perry discusses the revelation that apparently, the written words of dissidents in foreign countries must now be licenced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control in the United States. I suppose on the other hand, as long as Canada does not come up with some similar crazy regulation, this might be good for Canada’s publishing industry. Anyone want to help start up the “Dissidents Publishing Group, Inc” in Canada? The lefties will love us as we publish the works of Cubans, the righties will love us as we publish the works of dissident Iranians, and libertarians will give us a handshake for taking advantage of a newly created market – created by regulation.

You may find out more about this new regulation and reaction to it in the Seattle Times.

Ah, it’s all for your own good, as Perry says.

Hat tip to Jay Jardine.

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