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I’d like to ask your forgiveness for the poor quality of these photographs in advance. When I took these, I did not realize that some years later, they’d be the only handy photos that I’d be able to refer to and share – I have since given the Family Bible, for safekeeping and enjoyment to my own eldest son, Alex Scott, which I dearly hope was not a mistake and trust he will give it the respect and value that it should have.

I have tried to enhance the photos so that the pages and writing is easily read and viewed. But I did not spend a lot of time on that. The images posted here are large, but I have larger ones available if anyone wants to examine them.

My first introduction to Genealogy and Family History was through this Bible. My father originally showed it to me, along with old photos it contained (now missing), back in about 1971. At least that is my earliest recollection. I did not read all the details that had been recorded in it, but I knew it was a valuable and treasured book to have.

This Bible, which has now been passed on through at least 5 generations, is commonly known as a “Brown’s Family Bible,” and was published by Blackie And Son, Glasgow & Edinburgh. There is no publishing or printing date, but the Editor’s Preface, written by the Rev. J. L. Porter, D.D., LL.D. is dated at College Park, Belfast, 1873.

This suggests that John Scott would have acquired the Family Bible at least 4 years after his marriage to Jane Greig, and after his first son was born. It may have been a gift; to my eyes, the writing on the “Family Register” page appears to be different than the first entries on the births page – but I am aware that even my own writing can change, depending on the day and mood I am in, or how careful I’m being.

John Brown of Haddington first published his “Self Interpreting Bible” in 1778. His life is fascinating; he became studied languages as a teenager, while working as a shepherd, tending sheep and would go on to write many theological works. You can read more about him, here.

The Family Register Page:

family bible family register page


“John Scott and Jane Grieg. Married on 11 day of June 1869 by Rev Robert Laurie of James U.P Church at his house, No 4 Laurel bank constitution road (Dundee).”

Under that is a note, written by John Alexander Scott, my father and a great grandson, of the original Bible owner:

“Note This John Scott was one of those involved in the early days of the Brethren movement. in Dundee Scotland. His son John Scott of Dundee & Northern Ireland remained United Presby. However his grandson Hugh McDowell Scott was in Breth. fellowship in NI from his conversion in 1935 (36?). He was eventually fill time in the Lord’s work with the Breth.”

Next is the Birth Pages:

scott family birth page

I will not transcribe the full page; I think it is pretty clear. I am not sure who’s writing it is – it appears to be different beginning at “Hugh McDowell Scott…” and then, I can confidently say that it is my father’s writing beginning with “Ian Hugh Scott….”

I note that the John Scott who was born in 1895 and then passed away about 15 weeks after his birth is not mentioned in the Birth Register page of the Family Bible.

Marriages Page

scott family bible marriages page

Not a great deal of the marriages that occurred were recorded here. It’s my father’s writing beginning with the recording of his marriage to Patricia Joan Stephen.

The Death Pages

Recording deaths in Dundee was important. Deaths were common. I came across an article in a Dundee newspaper from the 1880’s, reporting on a debate about the hours of the registrar hours… it seems that many did not find the hours suitable in being able to go in the hours available, to report deaths. It seems the registrar did not keep the office open long enough in the evening for working people to be able to report the deaths that had occurred in their family and this was apparently a sore point with some in Dundee.

Here is the Death Records page from our Family Bible:

family  bible deaths

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