Rural Revolution In Richmond

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I don’t see my blog as being a press release service, but this is one I think is worthwhile knowing about for those that live in the Ottawa area:

The LLA will be hosting landowners and property rights meeting for the residents of rural Ottawa. The following flyer provides some of the details. The meeting is open to all, bring a friend or neighbour and learn how the City of Ottawa and other levels of government are attempting to limit the rights of ownership, through bureaucratic process and committees.

Rural Revolution

Going to Richmond

August 4, 2004

7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Upstairs in the Richmond Arena

As a landowner many of you have been, or will be asked to take part in the Jock River Reach 2 Subwatershed Study. You will want to attend this very important meeting. Government intrusion into our private life and property only leads to governments legislating restrictions onto those properties. There is a host of punishing legislation that could remove land from your control and put it into the control of bureaucrats.

Negotiating and complying with all levels of government only leads to the landowner compromising and always giving up your fundamental right to say, NO. If government restricts the use of the land you own, you will still be required to pay property tax on those properties. You will also be giving up the right to enjoy and make a living off this land.

The L.L.A. has been very successful in dealing with all levels of government, let us show you how to protect yourself and your property from the hands of deceptive government.

Lanark Landowners Association


Randy Hillier
President, Lanark Landowners Association
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