Push & Pull – July Talk

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I know that many see this song and video about “Western excesses” but when I first heard the song, I did not have the video to watch at the same time and heard it differently. Perhaps that is one of the great things about music; we can all have our own interpretations and no one will judge us by it – If some lyrics have a meaning for you personally, due to your own experiences, it’s fine to be subjective about music. Objectivity is important and necessary in logic and science – but we don’t have to be so rigorous when it comes to the messages or meanings we hear in music.

Push and pull reminded me of some relationships. Being pulled in then pushed away. Some people who have had relationships with those who “suffer” with BPD know this only too well. You’re left wondering, “What the hell just happened there?” so often.

When it happens enough times, you find defence mechanisms to try to cope, and they carry through into other relationships even long after the one has ended.

I don’t like being pulled and pushed, pushed and pulled. And I have my own defense mechanisms that jump to alert to protect myself, my heart, and my sanity when I see signs of it.

Anyhow, a great song by Canadian band, July Talk:

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