“Protestantism Is A Wart On The Ass Of The World”

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“Protestantism Is A Wart On The Ass Of The World”

Have I made a “racist” statement? How about this:

“Roman Catholicism Is A Wart On The Ass Of The World.”


I’m pretty sure I’d know the answer of any thinking person. Indeed, if I held such views and expressed them, some might be offended. However, perhaps I’m writing about the Roman Catholic Inquisition that ended not that long ago – late 19th century. It was a pretty horrible time for some.

Perhaps it is offensive to you – but for others who’s ancestors suffered through the inquisition, having an opinion that the RC Church is a wart on the ass of the world might seem fairly reasonable when you consider the beheadings, burnings, and other horrible things that happened.

But it’s not “racist” to hold the view the Roman Catholic Church might be the “wart on the ass of the world,” is it?

If you were an RC kid growing up in Belfast, you might have some reasons to think some brands of Protestantism are the “wart on the ass of the world.” You wouldn’t be a racist if you held that view and expressed it.

CBC Gets Racism Wrong – Again

In what is likely an effort to brand Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada as racists along with Warren Kinsella’s evil slanders and libels of PPC Candidates and supporters, the CBC reports that it is “racist” to say that Islam is “a wart on the ass of the world.” I kid you not. They literally call it “racist”:

“A second People’s Party of Canada candidate from southwestern Ontario is responding to racist and culturally insensitive tweets posted to his Twitter inside of a week.”

~Source – CBC

Canada’s publicly funded broadcaster and news agency is supposed to abide by high journalistic standards. Instead, the abide by Progressive Deluded standards, and will go so far as to term expressions critical of a religion as “racist.” But – only one religion in particular, it seems.

I’ve made a complain to the CBC Ombudsman:

“If I were to say, “Roman Catholicism is a wart on the ass of the world,” would that be construed as “racist?” I think not. Some might be offended by it, however, I might delve into Church history and discuss the Roman Catholic Inquisition which only ended in the late 19th century. Some might be offended, but it still is true and might prompt an expression of an opinion that some are offended by. So what? I am complaining that the CBC appears to think that it is racism to use the term “islam” in a way that might offend some. Islam is not a race and it is not racist to criticize Islam. Journalistic standards for a national broadcaster ought to be higher than to allow some insinuation as in the linked article that it is “racist.”

You can as well – here: https://cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/ombudsman/contact

Low standard journalism should not be acceptable at the CBC. Or, it should be defunded immediately.

I have received the following from the CBC Ombudsman (October 23, 2019):

Dear Mr. Scott:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email. I have shared it directly with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News, along with the request that your concerns be addressed.

Programmers are asked to try to reply within twenty working days.


Jack Nagler

CBC Ombudsman

[email protected]



There is an update to this complaint which seemed (to me) to require its own post. Read it here:

CBC Corrects Big Error – But Still Some Problems

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