Politicians and Post Nasal Drip

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Have you ever cried, or been with someone who was crying? I’m sure you’ll have noticed that during the crying, there is a lot of sniffing going on as nasal drip continues.

One thing I’ve noticed when I’ve cried in the past, and observed other folks going through a grieving process with crying, that the mind sometimes races from one topic to another, generally, illogically.

Politicians seem to suffer from similar ailments, only on an intellectual scale. The post nasal drip fallout from the recent revelations of the corruption scandal in Ottawa almost makes you feel sorry for the Liberals. For about two seconds, until you realize that they are supposed to be, and claim to be, representing our interests. And they get paid more money than most of us from whom they take taxes.

Yesterday, I wrote my MP about a very serious matter that involved the life and death of a man. For some reason unbeknownst to us, the Minster of Citizenship and Immigration, Judy Sgro, has been reluctant to help save this man’s life.

I received a reply from Murray Calder’s Assistant, Richard McGuire about this. He tried to explain to me that the present “…legislation paints too broad a brush by condemning people who were part of governments that carried out human rights abuses. In effect, it is ‘guilt by association.’ The Minister has discretion to grant a waiver of ‘inadmissibility’ when it is in the national interest, but unfortunately there has been a reluctance to do so.

Well, that’s at least a half decent explanation, and one that shows us that our Liberal Minister in question really is an abuser of power, if she is so reluctant to wade into a situation where a man may lose his life. What is she waiting for? They guy to get down on his knees and kiss her toes?

But what was really interesting in all of this, apart from the case of the fellow who might die, is that Richard McGuire went on to compare this to the present anger regarding the corruption scandal.

I kid you not.

This is post nasal drip at it’s finest, and tells me that the Liberals are finally understanding that Canadians aren’t going to put up with their nonsense any longer. And they’re afraid. They’re still crying. Here’s what McGuire sniffed, right after his quote above:

“Seems the ‘guilt by association’ principle is also being used by the opposition in the sponsorship case, and that’s not right either. People should be judged by their own actions.”

If 100 Million dollars was a comedy, and that Song Dae Ri wasn’t really going to lose his life if Sgro refuses to intercede, this would be great stuff for rollin’ on the floor, laughing your you know what off. In between gentle caresses to calm their hurt egos, and giggles at the silliness.

Actually, it’s outrageous that a politician or bureaucrat would even attempt to draw an analogy between the laws guiding refugee status where a man may stand for execution, and the corruption scandal.

Well, guess what, McGuire, and Calder, and anyone else who wants to bother learning about principle.. you ARE guilty OF association. Perhaps not guilty BY association.. You may not be guilty of a single corrupt act yourselves, but you are guilty of claiming that you were going to honour our money, ensure it was better used (whatever that means), and you failed in your promise. You failed bitterly.

And you’ve been failing, over and over again. People always make mistakes. But you guys never learn. And if you’re not willing to do something about it, and just sit there, twiddle your thumbs, and start sniffing because people are angry, then you’re in for a lot more post nasal drip in the future. That’s what happens when you associate with bandits, and don’t break the association.

Do me a favour, and get yourself a tissue before you sniff your responses to me about a man that may die due to Sgro’s ego.

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