‘Twas The Night Before Lock-Down

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I was going through old papers to get rid of unneeded notes and scraps (mostly to use as starter for the fireplace), when I came across a poem I had not finished. I probably won’t bother now, but it was written around the time of the second lock-down in Greece in response to the COVID pandemic.

It was actually quite funny – the night before the lockdown, so many people were crowding the sidewalks and shops along the main drag in Nea Ionia, Attica. Pretty much everyone knew the lock-down was beginning the next day, and they wanted to get out and get all the things they wouldn’t be able to get during the time of the extended lock-down.

So, these words came into my head – the plan was to create something with a similar length to the original “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

‘Twas The Night Before Lock-Down

‘Twas the night before lock-down
And all through the hood
Every creature was stirring
For they all understood.

No shops would be open
No treats could be had
The government had spoken!
Going out would be bad!

Big fines to buy shoes
Time to be alone with the blues
Solitary confinement,
We’ll only eat, drink, and snooze.

Sorry it’s not longer…

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