The Passionate Non-Poet To His Love

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Some years ago, I read a poem by John Donne entitled “The Bait.” I later learned that Mr. Donne had copied the theme and metre of a poem written previously by Charles Marlowe, entitled “The Passionate Shepherd To His Love.”

After reading both, I felt inspired to write the following, but not really knowing who I was writing it for. Anyhow, here’s my poem, inspired by the Universe, a decade ago or more that just seemed to write itself as if something or someone else was just transcribing the words. I think it took about fifteen minutes to write:

The Passionate Non-Poet To His Love

Come live with me and be my love
And we shall newer pleasures prove
Of wood stoves, stars, and cuzzles long
Together we’ll sing our winters song.

We may lie in grassy fields by night
Gaze ‘pon amorous firefly’s light
Backdropped by canvass of starry sky
My heart’s brush will paint its desire for thy.

And we will dance slow, cheek to cheek
“You’re my princess,” my eyes will speak
The moon’s light upon your hair, will crown.
I, your prince on my knees bend down.

When we wake to morning sunrays
The shadow lines upon your skin amaze
My lips and fingers as they press
Gently the sweet fruit that is your breas’.

Whilst we walk barefoot in the creek
Towards our table on the hill’s peak
Our ankles touching under water shallow
I will pick for you lillies and mallow.

We shall be as the mourning dove
If thou live with me and be my love.

Ian Scott

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