Beware The Siren’s Song

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I had this wicked headache on October 28th, 2011 – I hardly ever get headaches, but decided to lay on the sofa and try to let it disperse itself before I did some more work to finish off my day. Just as I was about to fall into a bit of a light sleep, some thoughts intruded upon my sleep and some words from a Mumford & Sons song song came into my head, along with some other thoughts.

And then some lines that seemed to be in a kind of metre – and I realized I had another poem in me. Or maybe a song. But no paper or pen right beside me. I wondered if I should get up and try to write out my thoughts, and finally decided to do so, although they were not quite the exact words I had in my mind as I was about to doze off.

From the idea in my head, to this rough draft – 45 minutes later.

I do have a tune in my head (celtic rockish folkish), but my terrible inability at carrying a tune is not helpful. I also fear the tune might be too much inspired by one of the Mumford & Sons songs tunes, although I am not sure which one.

For those who don’t know, or are wondering, you can look up “The Song Of The Sirens” on Google to get the meaning – it is from Greek Mythology.

Although you might feel manly and strong
Beware our hero for it might not be to long
Your mind and strength and spirit too
She’ll take it all even though you’ve been true

Remember and beware of The Sirens’ Song
Beware our hero for it might not be too long
Men stronger than you in spirit and mind
Did give their love but it was so blind.


Remember boys The Sirens’ Song
Beautiful it seemed from the outside
Sailors approached being tempted along
They gave all they had and then they died.

Beguiled, enticed by her smiles, laughter and mirth
Your heart will believe she’s everything you’re worth
You’ll give and give until you’re poor
She’ll take it then leave ya ’cause you can’t give anymore.

Repeat Chorus.

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