Silly Make Work Poem

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I was reading a book some years ago called “Fearless Creating,” and there was an exercise in the book to put pen to paper and just start creating some content, with a 15 minute limit. In other words, no 15 minutes of thinking about what to create, just start creating something right away, and to stop after 15 minutes had expired.

This resulted – and it’s quite silly – but what the heck… 🙂

I am attempting to create some work
So my mind will think and not just lurk
To change the mental dreaming gears
To overdrive, from merely coasting through various spheres.

Although a poet laureate I’m not
(I’m sure I write some awful rot)
I shall continue for the next quarter hour
Regardless of whether my lines sound sour.

Of what to write, to whom and how
Are questions my mind cannot seem to plow
It’s fields at once may appear harvest ready
Yet the fertilizer and manure were applied to heavy.

Shall I write of love lost or gained?
Perhaps of one who feels quite maimed.
Or may I speak of flowers in bloom
The sight of which removes my heart’s gloom.

My time is nearly up I fear
The groans of my reader I for-hear
My deepest apologies most surely you do go
For on this day, glorious poetry was brought quite low.

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