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the ian scott groupLate last year (2014), there were some reasons that I needed to¬†seriously reconsider my business relationship of over 16 years with PairoWoodies. Sixteen to 17 years is a good run, and I’m thankful for all of the experience I had as well as the many things I learned while a partner in that business.

Things have been a bit hectic the past few months as I’ve transitioned into the new business – The Ian Scott Group – which will be offering the same services but in addition, with some great partners who are dedicated to quality and timely service, even more products and services to assist both existing and new businesses.

A new opportunity along with the ability to allow me to refocus and work on things I love to do! Services that we’ll be focusing on include:

  • Web Development/Design
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Web & Internet Marketing Consulting
  • SEO
  • Local Search/Local SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Linux Server Management

The new website is still not complete – there is quite a bit of content that is still to come to more fully describe the various services we have to offer. But feel free to visit, and – of course, give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you!

The new website: The Ian Scott Group

Our office and phone number has not changed:

26 First Ave
Orangeville, ON L9W 1H8
(519) 940-3504

Many of our existing clients are aware of the situation and I’m thankful that they have expressed a great deal of excitement and encouragement! The transition is still taking place – often things come up that take a little longer than anticipated, or that were unforeseen, but the key is to keep moving ahead with your goals in mind.

One thing that clients can expect is improved communication and follow up. That’s always been a sticking point with me, and I know that I appreciate communication from businesses that I am a client of. To that end, that is a priority for me to ensure good communication, along with extensive testing of products and coding before they are delivered.

All of our partners and associates are committed to delivering top quality service while we bring business and solutions together. And while we may be located in a small town in Ontario, we can still provide services to clients across North America and Europe.


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  1. Last night I requested the codes for our website. That is no longer needed. I found them in a file of my saved documents.
    Thanks for the continued service.
    Greg Verner
    Orangeville Hawks Basketball
    Ontario Basketball Association

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