My Friday Night With Wise, Young & King

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Readers of the previous rendition of my blog, “Ianism,” will know that about five years ago (maybe a bit more than that), I wrote about getting some mp3’s from my eldest son, Alex. At that time, I was not really expecting to hear anything that I’d probably want to listen to over and over, if truth be told. I’m being very honest – as much as I am proud of my son, who loves to drum, back then I did not think I’d be listening to some really quality music.

Well, I was wrong. I was hooked right from the beginning to their music, and have been a huge fan ever since. The band, Wise, Young & King has increased their following, and I know they have fans throughout Canada, North America and even in Northern Ireland.

Being based in Ottawa, I don’t get to hear them live very often but they did make a trip to Toronto on Friday. I’d never heard of the venue before that they played at, “The Rancho Relaxo” and wasn’t sure what to expect from its name. And with deep gratitude to my sister and her husband, who made sure I was able to make it to Toronto to see Wise, Young & King, we also dined on Mexican food that for the money, was of really good quality!

But it wasn’t about the food at Rancho Relaxo, we there for the music. It was nice to see a number of the band’s fans that were able to make it to Toronto, or who now live in Toronto themselves and wouldn’t miss a chance to see Wise, Young & King again. And for me, it was also a great and pleasant surprise to find out that another of my sons, Colin, who is attending college in Kingston was also there!

Wise, Young & King put on a great show, playing both some of their older “classics” like “The Black Rider,” “Federales,” and “Mean Streak” while also playing some new stuff that was excellent. Raw, rocking, and real is a good way to describe their music, both lyrically and musically.

The band brings a ton of… no, strike that… megatons of energy to their shows. I’ve yet to attend one where lots of others in attendance, and who had never heard them before, pick up their heads after hearing the first few bars of music… and then end up standing as close to the band as they can.  They really are that good.

Lead singer Al Charlton brings to Wise, Young & King an amazing vocal range that you just have to hear to appreciate. Lead guitarist Myles Bell is simply incredible and Bassist Colin (I have forgotten his last name – I’m sorry!) is so very talented too. And of course.. I leave him last because he is my son and don’t want to seem biased, but drummer Alex Scott is wicked good. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his dad, although I’d probably say because I’m his dad, if you  know what I mean.

They have a couple of CD’s (at least that I own), and one is for sale here at CD Baby. Another CD is in the works and I’m not sure when it will be available.

You can check out their website here: Wise, Young & King.

As well, this Toronto live music photographer, Alistair Maitland was in attendance and took some great shots and posted a review written by Alyssa Gagnier.

Look forward to more Wise, Young & King!



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  1. Thanks, Alistair! Yes, they sure do bring a lot of energy to the stage and smack us all in the face with it, as you wrote :). Always enjoy seeing them perform – it’s an experience.

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