Mr. George – Panorama Mikrolimanou, Lavreotiki

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mr george grocery store exterior
Grocery store at Panorama Mikrolimanou

I don’t live very close to any convenience stores although before I moved here, there used to be one close by apparently but has since closed up. There is a friendly small convenience store about 5 km away towards Keratea, but they are only open until 6PM, so I thought if I needed anything in the evenings, I’d have to drive all the way to either Keratea or Lavrio until recently.

I recently discovered Mr. George, a small grocery store located on an unnamed road within the municipality of Panorama Mikrolimanou (Πανόραμα Μικρολίμανου) which is within the municipality of Lavreotiki (Λαυρεωτική). I don’t really understand how Greek municipalities work, but in fact, Panorama Mikrolimanou is really a small village practically attached to Mikrolimano. In fact, driving from Spiliazeza, you don’t even realize you are going through different municipalities to get to Mr. George.

It was a delight to discover this small grocery store for several reasons including the fact they are open until 10PM after opening at 7AM, and also do deliveries from 8AM to 9PM (although I do not think they would deliver to my area).

While it is not a big place, they carry just about anything one might need in a pinch – a small selection of fresh vegetables, canned and refrigerated foods and beverages, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol including beer, wines, and harder alcohols, and even snack items that they make on premises.

But what really sets this little place apart is the cheerfulness and friendliness of all the staff that work there! They are just wonderful and always very helpful. While not all the staff speak English, they all express appreciation that I try to ask for what I want in Greek and give me a big smile. One of the gentlemen that I often run into working there can speak some English, and will have friendly conversations with me, and regularly asks me, “What new Greek word did you learn today?” in a good natured humorous way.

Although it is small, their prices are also competitive with larger grocery stores and they don’t gouge. That, along with their friendliness is a reason why the location can be pretty busy at times.

Apparently, their coffee is also very good, although I have not had one yet – but when you walk into the store, the coffee smells amazing!


There are several beaches close by and apparently, if you call them with an order for food and coffee, they will deliver to you on the beach, between the hours of 8AM and 9PM. The reviews on Google about their service area almost all five star, which you can read here. Some examples, thought:

Our neighborhood shop! The guys are all kind one by one and willing to serve you and direct you to whatever you need. The best coffee in the area. The only one worth it for accuracy. Immediate delivery to the surrounding areas where there is nothing else which makes them even more civilized! Great variety in what you need! It also lasts until late! The shop of our heart

A store made with passion and love, summer ice tea waters, beers, soft drinks. The hot ones? AAAAAA Coffee Croissant Cheesecake 9 out of 10 Products cheeses, cured meats, tobacco, you can’t imagine you can find it there. Everything. Very good work. Well done.

The convenience store – delivery coffee that saves you when you go swimming at the beach. Until the end of August, he brings you your coffee, and everything else you want on the beach in no time.

Because Mr. George and it’s staff have been so kind to me, I couldn’t resist writing about them and giving them a big shout-out.

Getting There

For me, getting to Mr. George is pretty simple, once you’ve got the roads figured out. Driving around here can be a bit confusing at times; there are some intersections where 3 or more roads actually meet! With narrow windy roads that are on steep inclines, and with other roads meeting and going in different directions (not just 90 degrees), and I could get there via different routes. There have been times when Google Maps has given me the most bizarre ways to return home from the place when at first, I couldn’t quite remember the most direct route.

While it’s only about 4km away from me, it takes me about ten minutes to drive there – not because of traffic, but because of the narrow, winding roads that descend down to sea level from my altitude of 100 meters above sea level. I don’t burn much fuel getting there, but that’s made up when I am returning!

As mentioned, the road they are on appears to be an unnamed road (at least it is not named on Google Maps) but if you were coming from Lavrio, you would take the first right after the “The Tax Seafood Restaurant” (on the other side of the highway) that heads toward the Thoriko Marina. Drive perhaps 1.5 km, and Mr. George will be on the left hand side. There is plenty of parking available on both sides of the road – it’s a good wide road in this area.

If you want, you can then head back in the direction of Lavrio, but take the second left on a road named πεύκων (which means “Pine Trees”) and drive until you reach the end of the road, and you’ll have views like this:

view of mikrolomano, lavreotiki, greece
View of the village of Mikrolomano in Lavreotiki, Greece – June 14, 2023


view of profitas elias church
Profitas Elias Church as seen from Panorama Mikrolimanou

(You can read the interesting story about the building of Profitas Elias Church, here.

But even if you don’t go to Mr. George to explore the other parts of the area, you’ll love the wonderful friendly atmosphere of the grocery store.

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