Moving Day – From Nea Ionia To Spiliazezza

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our greek moving truck

Today, December 11th, we move! I’m pretty excited but I also know the work ahead of us…. it’s hard to prepare for a big move in the best circumstances, and even harder when dealing with stuff in small places, and no where to put boxes out of the way.

In any situation, moving is tough. And, if you are able to do so because you don’t have an absolute deadline of a closing date for the sale of a house or new tenants moving in, it can be easy to put things off. But in the end, you need to get it done. So, I chose today as the “get it done day” which meant some long hours packing, figuring things out, and hoping when the movers arrived the next day, I’d be half organized for it all.

Moving in Greece is not like North America. There are no U-Haul dealers you can call up and just rent a truck. Back in Canada, I’ve had a C class licence and a D class… I have driven big school buses and even large trucks – but things just don’t work those same ways in other countries.

There are other issues as well, including figuring out what sized truck you will need, and how to park it on the small narrow streets.

In the end, we used the services of “Atermon Moving” – who came to the house in Nea Ionia, looked around, and provided a quote of 500 Euros to move stuff from Nea Ioniai to near Keratea, Attica.

Big Difference Between Canada and Greece

I was pretty hesitant about paying close to the equivalent of $800.00 CAD to move 45km. Back in Canada, you can rent a U-Haul truck for a lot less for the same distance, have some friends over, provide lots of pizza and lots of beer, and get the job done. But then, you have to worry if your brother-in-law is going to take the same care helping move the big old oak desk and all p other helpers will give your stuff the attention hope you for. Getting the truck loaded, and then unloaded is the goal. Pizza and beer to follow.

In Canada, the truck driver doesn’t have to figure out narrow roads and arguments about parking. You just pull into the driveway. That’s not how things work in Europe though.

In the end, paying the 500 Euros was a great deal.

Okay, I was a bit nervous when I saw the truck – nothing like a U-Haul truck – but the moving company made it all work. And, they brought a team of four strong and knowledgeable men – who not only carried everything, but had all the tools necessary to disassemble anything that needed disassembled, and then put it all back together again at the other end.

All furniture was wrapped tightly with plastic wrap protection, glass was protected with bubble wrap, heavy stuff was carried and carefully placed, and they all did a fantastic job.

So here we are, with boxes that need to be unpacked, stuff that needs to be arranged, a Christmas Tree that needs to be placed… but all our stuff has arrived safe and with much care.

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