Medical Tyranny Starts In Greece

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I experienced medical tyranny this evening.

I need a new office chair. The piece of crap I purchased I 2 years ago is falling apart on me. Some things in Greece are extraordinarily expensive and it is difficult for anyone to have “nice things.” Taxes, other costs, etc… I paid the equivalent of about 250.00 Canadian for what is supposed to be a decent office chair, but back in North America at the time, I would have ended up with much better quality than what I have. In fact, I have an office chair in Orangeville, that I purchased about 15 years ago from Staples – and it’s still holding strong.

Anyway, after some days of feeling some pain in my lower back and butt that’s directly related to my chair, I thought it was time to see what I could find here in Greece. I’ve seen great reviews for a company called “Sigma Furniture” and they have a location very close by.

I had read that there were some new vaccine mandates implemented by the Greek government, but thought they had only to do with banks and government offices. I was wrong. a di

I’m now unable to apparently enter an office furniture store.

Two weeks ago, wearing a mask, and for the previous many months, I would have been fine, medically, to enter an office furniture store. On December 12th, I’m a leper.

I have very good reasons for being hesitant of any of the mRNA vaccines, which are still experimental. I realize many people do not realize this, but that is because they don’t bother to actually read science.

I myself spent the greater part of 4 years in Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto with Pericarditis (among other things) and at times, my parents were not sure if I would even live to see next birthdays.

I did recover. And I am thankful that I did. But no one knows or has ever been able to tell me what caused my pericarditis, what made it seem to get better, or what my future holds as far as risk. I just keep living and doing the best that I can.

There is much evidence that pericarditis and myocarditis could be side effect of at least some of the mRNA vaccines. No one is able to tell me personally, based on my health history, the risk for me, and not only that, there is no compensation payable if a side-effect of pericarditis hits me again. I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone knows precisely what my risk is.

And being in pretty good shape, and knowing my risk factor for death from COVID is likely tiny, I have chosen at this point to not get vaccinated. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer; instead I am vaccine hesitant about COVID vaccines. I have had all the other vaccines offered to me, have ensured all my children had theirs, so to call me an “anti-vaxxer” is simply idiotic.

To call me “vaccine hesitant” would be truthful however.

All of the COVID vaccines are still experimental. That’s a scientific fact. I will deal with these scientific facts in a future post; I understand there are a bunch of people that some claim to be “experts” running around saying things… but they are not using actual peer-reviewed science. They are merely expressing an opinion, and not one of them would be willing to tell me personally, based on MY medical history, my risk factors for pericarditis or myocarditis.

Let’s keep in mind that COVID – and the science that we know, already tells us who is at risk. It is not me. I recognize I could possibly die, if I were to contract the virus, and I also realize I could die if I chose to make a bad judgement while crossing the road. I could also pass it on, if I carried it – but then the drivers behind the wheels of cars could also end up killing others who do risky things for themselves.

Two Weeks Ago I Could Have Walked Into Sigma

Two weeks ago, it was considered “safe” for me to walk into Sigma Furniture, wearing a mask. Funny enough, I might have been carrying another virus, that was not COVID, but that still had serious symptoms. IN fact, I spent two weeks with something serious that twice came back as negative for COVID, and no one seemed to care.

But today, due to Greek Government and Mitsotakis regulations, I cannot walk into Sigma and look at their office chairs, even though there was no other customers in the store.
How does this make sense other than medical tyranny? It makes no sense that I might have been sick with a virus that could land people into their beds for a week, two weeks ago, as long as I did not test for COVID. But today, I must produce a COVID VAX Certificate in order to do business with Sigma.

I Am Now A Leper

I might as well be a leper. And idiots..especially progressives who care to be about care and love, in fact are shoving me into leper status, and even saying they will not cry at my funeral.

I don’t plan to die any time soon or to pass on COVID. In fact, when I was sick, and tested NEGATIVE for COVID, I did the right thing, and made sure I did as little as possible to pass on what I had. But I am a leper, because I tested negative for COVID, and am concerned about my own possible side-effects, for very good reasons.

No one has yet told me my concerns are not very good reasons. No doctor will say, “Ian, your pericarditis you suffered some years ago is a zero risk factor for you now.”

But the Greek government has decided that I shall not be able to go and check out office chairs here in Greece. Even if I wear a mask, which was good enough 2 weeks ago… and they claim this is about science??

Nothing Scientific About This

I am not a conspiracy theory believer. However, there are at times, in various points in history, when events and things come together that give emotional reasons to unthinking people, the justifications to do things that are against principles.

And while so-called experts who love attention promote their fears, other experts are ignored, and “science” gets turned upside down.

There is absolutely NO WAY I’m of any more risk than I was two weeks ago, and could have made a transaction for an office chair at Sigma, today.

But sadly, so many don’t bother to actually think… the illogicalness of dumb regulations and the unintended consequences of their insane MitHeadSoTakis ideas.

Ελευθερία ή θάνατος – Freedom/Liberty Or Death

Many people throughout the world scoff at the Founders of the United States that held the motto, “Freedom or Death.” Yet, that is actually the motto of Greece.

What does it mean, exactly?

It means nothing if it means nothing. How Greeks today can hold this motto, and claim it, and be proud of their ancient history, while always seeking protection from the government, or claiming to give privilege to government will infringe of Eleftheria… for protection, and expect better things … is simply insane.

You, as a Greek, cannot claim for your motto, Ελευθερία ή θάνατος and not understand what that means. It is idiotic to claim that motto, and then make excuses as to why it is not really a motto.

Find a different motto then, but Ελευθερία ή θάνατος is not it. Be honest with yourselves.

Greek Businesses…Be Aware

Look, I get the pressure your MeatHeadSoTakis government is putting on you… but just say “Oxi!” Ask them to rethink things, including unintended consequences, and whether you really want your government “protecting you.”

Sigma Furniture just lost a sale from me… and maybe, it’s a small thing to them (I’ve seen their prices; I’m sure they will make up the small loss of their refusal to help me), but multiply it over and over.

Why are you not as Greeks, and this Ancient Greek culture you are so proud of, and your damned country motto… “Ελευθερία ή θάνατος” not standing up to this nonsense? Why? Yeti?

Perhaps when it comes to “Ελευθερία ή θάνατος” – you’re all talk, and no action… it’s what the ancestors did.. today, it’s okay if it’s some Greek .. or some Ottoman… just as long as your comfortable, and you’ll figure things out. “Ελευθερία” doesn’t really matter.

Oh… but it will… just wait.

Anyways, I’m not a leper. I just wanted a new office chair, and could helped a local Greek company out with that.

Your loss. And if you’re an expert on telling me what my risk factors are for Pericarditis… I’ll listen, but I bet you’re not. You want YOUR freedom… but you’re not willing to do what your ancestors did… and that makes you pretty despicable and you have zero rights to your ancient Greek pride. Zero. Hell, you don’t even have rights to modern Greek pride, and Koloktronis… you may as well just give in to any ideology!

When you’re ready to give in, I’ll join you Greeks to push over the statue of Leonidas at Thermopylae. What a fuckin’ idiot Leonidas was, eh?

Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

I could not walk into Sigma Furniture today.

But, I could help an old lady walking up the street, as she struggled with her groceries and the things she had bought. She did not ask me for my vaccine certificate. And even though I speak very little Greek, and she spoke very little English, neither of us asked each other for vaccince certificates to help each other out. And we managed. And I helped her, as she dropped her bags, said “Zesty” to me, and she just wanted to live.

And I helped her.

But I cannot go into a furniture store in my neighbourhood to buy a new chair. But I can help my neighbour, even though we can hardly communicate….

Fuck you.

Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

Explain to me, Malaka, how I can help my neighbour…but I cannot go into a shop to buy a new chair.

Explain, Malaka. I await your logic.

I have Ελευθερία to help the neighbour. The government never showed up to help at that moment…

But I don’t have Ελευθερία to buy a new office chair for myself.

There is an “Oxi” … from old ways. Time for new ways to say “oxi” once again, if you dare.

I came to Greece to live life, to understand and hold on to those old values that Greeks often claim to be proud of..

Tyranny is not just from Ottamans… it is also from within.

What is the Greek Motto?

Ah yes…

Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

Well, do it already.

And I will fight any Greek, Irishman, Englishman, Jamaican, African…that wants to limit Ελευθερία.

Fuck off. It’s the only life you have. It ain’t a dress rehearsal for something else…and yes, fact is you AREgoing to die someday. It could be tomorrow… and any excuse…is.. bullshit.

Are Greeks proud to be around #73 on the world freedom index???

You proud your PM wants to bring in others from other parts of the world, to give you jobs, when all the fucking regulations in this country actually PREVENT YOU from creating jobs and you are so dependent on others???

Is that Ελευθερία?

Mitstotakis…MeatheadSoTakis.. claims he has ideas for Greece…. but no… he also wants to control…

Greece will never be what it used to be, sad to say…

Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

yes, or no. Ask yourself.

1 thought on “Medical Tyranny Starts In Greece”

  1. Ian,

    I truly hope you and yours are doing well, have a very happy and prosperous new year to you and more to come.

    I read this the first day we met. I had to re-read it today, and it breaks my heart that people are being treated this way. My brother who lives in Arizona said that there are re-education camps set in place. Hitler called these concentration camps, and the gas chambers humane.

    I will now give back story of things before going forward, as a child I have died and came back twice I believe.

    The Horse and the DOG:
    2.5 years old, I loved playing with horses as a child. My mother loved training show horses, & the process of breaking riding ones. I would always be hanging out on and around the horse corrals the huge silver & grey metal ones with my brother. My father was working on a vehicle as always, heck right up until the day he passed April, 2021 he was working on one. My mother I assume was working at the time. I can remember some stuff on my own but it’s mostly from what I have been told. My memories are like a broken mirror. I was out playing with the horses that day My brother sitting on the railing when out of nowhere I heard a loud growl, I was then yanked by the back of my clothes thrown to the ground like a rag doll. Meanwhile my brother Michael (“I was up on the corral rails, jumped down when the dog got after you, I ran to your father in the detached garage and told him a dog got at you, he grabbed a 2×4 or something and ran to take care of the dog.” ) lifeless blacked out on the ground, the DOG had my face in its mouth shaking me violently. The Horse frantic saw an opportunity when the DOG got closer and kicked as hard as he could knocking the DOG off me. Had the DOG not bitten off more than it could chew I would not be here today to tell this story.

    A man named Charlie:
    When I was about 3 years old. My mother was away at work she had left a man named Charlie in charge of watching my brother Michael and myself, I cannot remember much at all only what I have been told. My memory pieces together like a puzzle missing pieces, or broken mirror I look into from time to time from a 3rd perspective but it is always from a floor level or high above like I was in the ceiling. The day started like any other day, but on this particular day I was hungrier than most other days. As my tummy rumbled I was upset by this, but I was to learn later I was not alone in my feelings. My brother Michael and I were playing as kids do, I started to cry because I was hungry and I wold not stop. I do not know who Charlie really is or was, but on that fateful day it paints a picture of who he could have been. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH he snatched me up shook me violently and threw me as hard as he could against the wooden head rest of the couch. (In my brother Michael’s loving embrace) As my tiny body experiences convulsions and puking, my brain is hemorrhaging internally. Finally set in the (Death Rattle) but I am pulled back from the brink of death. Everything goes black, Boop…….. Boop……. I hear people talking and some yelling, I am in a hospital bed with a teddy bear and it tires to hug me I am scared and then darkness again.

    The doctors said I would never be able to walk, talk, eat, or be normal ever again basically more humane to put me down.

    I have had PTSD and memory issues my whole life. I had taken all the pills they prescribed nothing worked, my condition worsened I got more angry more depressed more suicidal. Then finally in April of 2021 before my father had passed, I started smoking weed. My PTSD, Anxiety, Depression are almost a thing of the past. But that is not why we are here talking today that was just a preface to give context of what I am to further discuss.

    Crypto and things:
    I started noticing things, and the connection to everything nothing happens by accident I watched the below titles. The dots started connecting themselves, I had recently come to GOD after living my whole life as an agnostic. I prayed for answers about crypto and other things. the book 1666 came up right after I had asked my questions. I had been working 9 years in crypto as a dev and the day trading side of things. I can tell you this much, those who are trafficking children will change their faces, flags, names, creed. and do so in the Metaverse/Blocktopia anything that deals with blockchain (Ready Player 1) you can literally hide a whole universe in blockchain technology. I can tell you right now children as young as 5 will be sucked into crypto and the Metaverse. And parents will allow it because it will make them rich. Web 3.0 will better be able to buy and sell people Big tech Will hold more power than ever. Basically I found out who is pulling strings and how to help those who will be poor after 2022 hits lets not forget 2023. We will in our lifetime see the Needy get greedy and the elites gain even more power. Sic semper tyrannis

    Top metaverse crypto Friday December 17 2021 as they deal with a whole new world.

    1. BLOCK – blocktopia
    2. WILD – Wilder world
    3. Cwar
    these are going to moon and more This is not investment advice just my observations.

    Unnatural Selection – Explains how one can use Crisper Cas9 to change DNA!!!

    Connected – Explains a lot of things take from it what you will as I did I am sure you will be able to come to the truth

    Jordan peterson – talks about Hitler it just seemed to fit what we are going through in our current days as 2021 comes to a really messed up end.

    Roger Hunter /Blair
    Amo Probos
    Amo Probus

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