Lucky Pierre Spawned Jerk Justin

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lucky pierre song sung by mike shea on old 45 vinyl record
45 rpm Vinyl With Mike Shea Singing “Lucky Pierre”

Back in about 1972 or ’73, my father was seconded from his job in Toronto to work with the RCMP in Ottawa to provide advice and assistance on security systems at the National Museums in Ottawa for some time. We had family friends in the Ottawa area who had also immigrated from Northern Ireland to Canada (they arrived on the boat after us) so there were quite a few weekends spent with them while in Ottawa on weekends to spend time with my dad. I actually later married one of the daughters of that family.

Through them, we became acquainted with Mike Shea who was an Irish singer in Ottawa. At the time there was a lot of hate or love for Pierre Trudeau – it seemed that he generated those extremes. Just like his son Jerk Justin has.

As a teenager and then in my married years, I would often join my wife’s (at the time) family at Bon Echo Provincial Park for some camping, and there would be lots of singing around the campfire late into the night (that’s what happens when you get a bunch of Irish people together who can sing and play musical instruments). On many of those trips, Mike Shea and his family would also join us.

I can remember Mike singing the song on some of those campfire evenings that he had recorded on the B side of a 45 vinyl record: “Lucky Pierre.” And we all loved it! Others from other campsites would sometimes come over and listen while we sipped our Bushmills whiskey and had a great time.

It’s probably a good time to reintroduce the song, as we look at the idiot that we now have as a Prime Minister.

Personally, I’ve been “apolitical” as far as Canadian political parties – I haven’t voted in over 25 years as none of the parties hold to any kind of principles that are very important to me. I don’t think there has been one that has since perhaps the days of Sir Wilfred Laurier, in Canada. My political principles lean more toward “classical liberalism” and the Liberal Party of Canada does not even come close – I find it shameful that they even call themselves “liberals” to be honest.

My disgust for this present Canadian government is getting to the point of being beyond words. Justin Trudeau is honestly an outright jerk and a fraud. If his father Pierre could be called “Lucky Pierre,” then Justin surely is “Jerk Justin.”

The list is endless – the constant and never ending references to Stephen Harper in the House of Commons during Question Period, his disrespect for “rule of law,” and his outright lies during the SNC-Lavalin affair (Hey Justin Trudeau – you are a liar. Come sue me), his disgusting comments made to a Grassy Narrows protestor (“Thank you very much for your donation”), his pompous attitude and sense of entitlement as he jets off around to places for vacations and weekend trips, while he and his Environment Minister, the Dishonourable Catherine McKenna spout off about carbon taxes and make things up about climate change as they go along.

This latest, interrupting real volunteers from their work at a recent flood so he and the Dishonourable member for Kanata—Carleton, Karen McCrimmon, for a photo-op is simply outrageous. And then there’s McCrimmon, technically assaulting one of the volunteers (okay, it was not forceful but it was still an assault by putting her hands on the man). Trudeau follows up with his own touching of the volunteer…

Justin really is a Jerk. I’m no song-writer, but maybe someone will be inspired to follow in the “Lucky Pierre” songwriter’s footsteps (Gilbert Bowden), and write one about Jerk Justin.

Here’s the “Lucky Pierre” song:

The lyrics are available here.

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